7 Elements of Effective Brand Packaging

The appearance of packaging tells a story about a company’s brand or image. Realizing that packaging always has a negative or positive influence on the consumer is a vital concept for company’s when making decisions about packaging. How can you employ packaging that is a fundamental part of your brand identity?

Look at these 7 Elements of Effective Brand Packaging:

1. The Story– Does your packaging communicate a story? Brand packaging should communicate or a story or promise to consumers. A vision of what unique experience the product delivers should be embedded in the packaging.

2. The Personality– A package’s visual style and written words express the tone and personality of the brand. The personality should align with the brand story in a genuine way.

3. The Position– Brand packaging should convey the unique position of a product and identify for consumers how the brand is different.

4. The Look– The look & feel of brand packaging should be distinctive. The colors, style, and graphics give the packaging a recognizable element that makes a brand stronger.

5. The Materials– Brand packaging must use materials and structures to its advantage. Unique shapes can make packaging immediately recognizable. Eco-friendly materials can demonstrate leadership and responsibility.

6. The Appeal– Brands frequently rely on visual cues but customers also experience packages through other senses including touch, smell, and sound. Brand packaging can appeal to multiple senses.

7. The Consistency– Brand packaging should align with brand strategy. Consumers should be able to connect the dots and understand the continuity of the brand elements, story, and experience.