Cookie Packaging Gets Customized for the Holidays

oreo colorfilled cookie packaging

It’s Monday, so let’s talk cookies!

Suppose it should be about cookie packaging. Looks like Oreo is the latest in the lineup to give their packaging a dose of customization. In fact, they’re putting YOU in the driver seat.

Just in time for the holidays, the infamous sandwich cookie has rolled out a new line of Colorfilled packaging designed by New York-based artists Timothy Goodman and Jeremyville. The current designs are heavily pop art-inspired, quite literally filled to the brim with stylized seasonal goodness. As far as colors go….you get to pick them! That’s right, the packaging is customized on the spot. Want Santa to have a blue beard? Then Merry Christmas to you! Add little accessories like winter hats and scarves, fun phrases with classic cookie at the center, and even personalize it with your message.

say something sweet custom oreo cookie packaging

When your design is complete, you can actually get it made and filled with Oreos. The custom package holds 14.3 ounces of creme-filled bliss. That’s almost a pound of cookies! For craftier cookie lovers, the packaging also comes in simple black-and-white (much like the cookies themselves) with a set of markers to be colored in by the recipient. Mad props if you can color the whole bag before opening it.

Munchies aside, the packaging is beautiful, unique, and personalized making a bag of Oreos an even better gift idea. (Even if it’s a gift to yourself.)

Custom gift boxes and personalized retail packaging is an important aspect to remember this time of year. The attention these boxes draw is marketing that you cannot afford to miss out on. Not to mention it makes whatever’s inside that much sweeter. In the case of the new Oreo packaging, truer words have never been spoken. But presentation pieces like it are always the smart (and stylish) choice for packaging upscale products.


Have a “Green” 4th of July

Environmentally-friendly Green 4th of JulyAs we celebrate our nation’s holiday this year, let’s have fun and honor our country, without harming our environment.  The Environmental Blog provided 5 tips for a “green” 4th of July:

1.  Buy organic food. Support local farmers markets by buying their organic fruits and vegetables.  Buy local and cut down on transportation.  You could even shop with reusable shopping bags.

2.  Bust out the silverware. Avoid wasting paper plates, napkins, cups, and plastic utensils.  Save money by using your own plates and washing them.  If you must use disposable plates and cups, try to find biodegradable alternatives.

3.  Grill on the “green” side. Use a non-toxic cleaner on your grill.Environmentally-friendly Green 4th of July Grilling Cut back on grilling and carbon emissions by eating fresh veggies, or grill food that will cook quickly, such as thin meats, fish, marshmallows, or veggies.

4.  Buy “green” charcoal. Use 100% all-natural hardwood lump charcoal.  They don’t have any chemicals or fillers, they burn faster, and produce less ash.  This leftover ash from all-natural charcoal can be sprinkled around your plants to keep the bugs away.

5.  Substitute lighter fluid. Try using a chimney starter, instead of toxic lighter fluid.  They are inexpensive and you don’t have to worry about the toxic fluids cooking into your food.

Don’t forget to use these tips and add a little “green” to your red, white, and blue festivities this year.  Not only would you be more environmentally-friendly, but you could save money as well!