Heinz Ketchup Launches new PlantBottle Packaging Promotion to Encourage Individuals to be more Aware of the Environment

“Join the Growing Movement” campaign has been launched on restaurant bottles of Heinz Ketchup featuring PlantBottle technology, which invites consumers to promise to be more environmentally responsible through a mobile application. For each pledge made, Heinz promises to plan a tree, up to 57,000 trees.


PlantBottle plastic looks exactly like regular ketchup bottles, but it is actually 100% recyclable and made out of renewable material derived from sugar cane. All 20-ounze ketchup bottles are made with PlantBottle packaging.

“Heinz is committed to utilizing the best technology and innovations available to be as environmentally responsible as possible,” said John Bennett, Vice President – Foodservice Ketchup, Condiments & Sauces. “This program celebrates not only what Heinz is doing to be more sustainable, but also how everyone can do their part to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.”

Participating in the “Join the Growing Movement” is easy and helps plant a tree!

1. Scan- Find a “Join the Growing Movement” Heinz Ketchup bottle at several local restaurants and use a smart phone to scan the QR code. This will then bring up the mobile application.

2. Pledge- Promise to live a greener lifestyle by choosing an activity.

3. Share- Tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter how you pledged to be green and in return Heinz will plant a tree.


Source: marketwatch.com

Finally, A Ketchup Packet Alternative

Heinz is at it again. They have found another way to revamp their ketchup packaging, this time on a smaller scale. We all have been in the situation involving those frustrating and hard to open ketchup packets. Well Heinz has developed a solution to that problem by introducing their Dip & Squeeze packaging. Not only can you peel back the label and dip food into the ketchup, it can also be squeezed out easily by tearing off the top. Also there is no need to grab handfuls of packets because one Heinz Dip & Squeeze holds three times as much ketchup as the traditional packet.

The new packaging allows for consumers to enjoy the convenience as well as ease of use. Heinz released their Dip & Squeeze ketchup in 2010 and since then they have traveled 5500 miles on a road trip to provide consumers with a chance to try the new ketchup packaging and listen to their feedback. Heinz has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, which has helped bring the Dip & Squeeze ketchup packaging to consumers nationwide.

From Cupboard to Fridge

When you are hungry for something where do you look first the cupboard or the fridge? Common sense dictates that people open their fridges more frequently than their cupboards. The fridge is a dynamic place and the cupboard has become a thing of the past. Companies have realized this change in food placement and have developed their packaging in relation to it.

Heinz, maker of the famous red hot dog and burger condiment, has taken the traditional tin can for baked beans and evolved it into a container that can fit on the average fridge shelf. The innovative design is a plastic jar with a screw top. It was developed for consumers who may use more than one can when cooking because it contains the equivalent of two and a half standard cans.

Baking soda, which was once known as a baking ingredient, is now moving from the cupboard into the fridge and is acting as a deodorizer. The little yellow box made by Arm & Hammer is designed to fit in the fridge and also possesses a clear strip to see how much is left. This package design allows the fridge to stay fresh and takes up little room.

Coca-Cola has made fridge friendly packaging for its 12 packs. The packaging design is slimmer making it easy to store in the fridge and takes up less room. The packaging is also designed to dispense after one can gets taken out.

These examples are just a few of the cupboard to fridge packaging designs that are present. Keep your eyes open for other packaging designs that have left the cupboard and moved to the fridge.

The New Ketchup Packet

The ketchup packet, stuck so long in it’s inconvenient form that it seemed destined to remain that way.  You know the issues, hard to open, hard to dunk, certainly not kid friendly.  To top it off there’s never enough ketchup in one packet so you have to repeat the process.  This causes a repeat of the prior issues.  Well after all this Heinz, the company that literally turned our ketchup bottle upside down, has now reinvented the packet.  For this we are forever grateful.  The new and improved ketchup packet seems to cover it all.  It offers more ketchup, more kid-friendly, a dunk side, and a squeeze side. Heinz even made it more closely match their grocery store product line in terms of shape and color.  It’s clearly labeled making it easy to open and understand. The product is currently being tried in test markets.  I’m excited for it to take it’s rightful place in the fast food industry.