Are You Ready For Some Advertising?!

Super Bowl number 45, the biggest TV event of the year, is only a little over a week away. As we are preparing our parties and getting our adrenaline going for the big game of the year, we are also getting psyched for all of the commercials. Those 30-second attractions that we all look forward to are already underway and totaling over 45 minutes worth of advertising. The average cost for a 30-second spot is about $3 million, meaning companies are making a big attempt to put out the most innovative and exciting commercials possible. Social media is also participating in the Super Bowl, making ads last longer than 30 seconds. Companies are using Facebook fan pages and Twitter to continue the advertising, as well as using YouTube to replay the commercials.

Car makers are dominating the line up this year, but favorites like the E-Trade baby and the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales are back to hopefully make an impression on viewers. Some advertisers who cancelled appearances in the past couple years are back to regain attention. GM is hoping to draw people into Chevrolet and PepsiCo is planning seven commercials this year. Movie trailers will also be seen during the Super Bowl. Paramount will be promoting upcoming releases such as Rango, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Super 8, while Disney will be promoting the next Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars 2, and Warner Bros. will be promoting Part 2 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Pizza Hut will make their debut this year as they try to reel in some extra sales for the game. GoDaddy will be present during the Super Bowl as they will reveal their new GoDaddy girl. Doritos, Best Buy, Motorola, and Snickers will also be making appearances in the commercial lineup.

So on February 6th, get the snacks and drinks ready for an eventful night of football and commercials!

Baby Carrots Put on Their Helmets

When I hear the words baby carrots I think of a healthy snack or food a rabbit would eat. I have never associated baby carrots with football or humor. Well Bolthouse Farms, in conjunction with the growers alliance ‘A Bunch of Carrot Farmers’, are trying to reposition how baby carrots are viewed by consumers. This alliance has decided to promote baby carrots as a snack that is convenient by using packaging that playfully mocks other snack food marketing tactics. The campaign “eat ’em like junk food” has put humor and energy into this marketing strategy. If you read our blog post from September 29th, 2010, you will see how this has started and grown.

Since we have entered football playoff season, the campaign has been taken one step further. They have created football themed packaging that will capitalize on the enthusiasm and excitement of the playoffs and the idea that snacking is a popular thing to do while watching the games. The goal is to encourage consumers to give up eating regular junk food and eat healthier foods.

So when you start to plan your playoff and super bowl parties, keep your eyes open for the clever football themed packaging.

Brett Favre Soap Opera Contest!

Ok, we’ll admit it.  Some folks over here in the office were getting nervous on Tuesday when the Star Tribune was reporting Brett Favre’s retirement. Though it seems to have cooled down a bit, you just never know with good old #4. So the biting of the fingernails continues…..

We’ve decided to have a Brett Favre Soap Opera Contest on Facebook! Just click here and let us know if you think Brett’s going to retire or not. It only takes a moment and you could win a purple Favre jersey courtesy of Sunrise Packaging. Good luck!

Universal Love of Soccer + Need for Energy = sOccket!

Four young women met in a Harvard engineering class in 2008. Having all spent time in Africa as well as other developing countries, they saw the need for energy. In fact, 95% of the population in most African countries is living with no access to electricity. Further, breathing the fumes created from burning kerosene indoors equals the harmful effects of smoking two packs of cigarettes per day (According to World Bank Millennium Goals Report, 2006). The women’s travels also revealed the deep love of soccer around the globe. They decided to fuse the need for energy with the universal love of soccer to create….sOccket.

sOccket is a soccer ball that captures the energy during game play to charge LEDs and batteries. After playing with the ball, the child can return home and use the ball to connect a LED lamp to read, study, or illuminate the home. The ball uses an inductive coil mechanism to generate energy.

sOccket is still in prototyping stage, where 15 minutes of play can light 3 hours of LED light. The ladies will continue beta testing throughout Africa this summer- home of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

More info:
Visit sOccket

World Cup’s Green Stadiums

Ok, so the world’s gearing up for the World Cup kickoff today. Awesome! All eyes focusing on the host country South Africa who prepared a set of state-of-the-art “green” stadiums to hold the games. Five of the ten total venues showcase sustainability designs and features. Take a look at a few:

Moses Mabhid Stadium- Located in the sea side city of Durban. The architects took great care to lower the structure’s energy profile by using natural cooling techniques, great protected daylighting , and rainwater catchment. This 70,000 seat facility was designed with the future in mind for ongoing sporting events, concerts and as a seed for a future Olympics bid.

Green Point Stadium– The skin is a translucent silvery-white membrane that takes on the color of its surroundings while producing a soft glow at night. A truss and cable system supports a semitransparent roof that lets light in but limits solar heat. The stadium has capacity for 68,000 fans, and its design was specifically developed to reduce the venue’s overall profile.

Soccer City Complex– Located in Johannesburg. Home to the World Cup 2010 finals, this world-class facility is actually an extraordinary remodel. The renovated venue is based on the iconic African pot known as the calabash. The stadium achieves a transformative effect on the landscape through its form, color, and light. At day its earthen patterned color evokes the copper-rich land which has supported the local economy for generations. A night transparent panels in the façade create a unique and memorizing pattern. The façade’s transparent roof streams daylight into the concourse. Capacity 90,000.

The tournament opener will feature a match between South Africa and Mexico. Let the games begin!