Contact Lenses- Computers of the Future

Now stay with me here……the future of computers may well be in contact lenses?! Yes, that picture above that you see is exactly what it seems.  Okay, I’ll explain.

A team from Washington University recently completed trials on a new generation of contact lenses that would project your emails directly onto your eyeballs. Circuits in the lenses are made from layers of metal only a few nanometres thick and feature light-emitting diodes measuring 1/3 of a millimeter across.

The next step is to incorporate hundreds of pixels into the lens. The team believes they can eventually produce complex holographic images and price comparison information just by looking at a specific product. Speculation that we’ll be able to stream web content using contact lenses is also on the table.

There are some major challenges however. One, they have to make the contacts as comfortable as normal ones currently on the market. That pretty much means they have to feel like nothing is in your eye. More challenges include powering these contacts. They are currently without a viable power source and the current prototype only works if it’s within centimeters of a wireless battery. Lastly, there may be uncertain long-term effects of wearing a lens made of electrical circuits that is touching the surface of your eye. Imagine wearing these contacts in the scorching heat?

Very interesting ambitions. I’m still kind of speechless to be quite honest. As a person that wears contact lenses all day, everday, I really haven’t the slightest interest at this point.

8 Secrets to Effective Email Marketing

With the new day and age we are living in, everything has basically turned electronic and so has our mail. The “snail mail” days are a thing of the past as email has stepped into the spotlight. Marketing via email has become a popular means in attracting potential consumers. But as with anything else, email marketing has to be effective to reach those people otherwise it will get thrown into the junk mail folder. Whether a packaging company, a big corporation, or a family ran business, email marketing can be an important tool.

Here are 8 secrets to effective email marketing:

1. The subject is the headline: The words you choose to put into the headline of your email determines whether or not the email even gets open and read. Use 3 to 5 words to catch the attention of potential consumers so they are enticed to open and read the message.

2. Make it personal: People on the Internet want personal messages that are relevant and compelling to them. The idea is to write for an audience of one, avoiding formal speech. Emails should be written as though it were a common conversation.

3. Get to the point: Keep emails short and simple. Several paragraphs or pages are too lengthy and most likely won’t get read. Paragraphs should be no longer than 4 to 6 lines, with a total length under 300 words.

4. Give an incentive to act: People on the Internet are in a hurry and need a reason to buy or act now. Common examples are limited time offer, free trial, free shipping, and discounts.

5. Include a call to action: Make clear what action you want to happen. Don’t leave them wondering what is supposed to happen next. Get them pointed into the right direction otherwise they could get lost.

6. Use your website: Make sure you link to your website. The goal is to have people asking questions and produce interaction. By linking to your website, they will be able to see more of what you do or offer and want to learn more.

7. Build relationships: A relationship with a consumers creates many benefits for your business. If it is a good relationship they will be loyal to your business and could lead to telling others about their positive experiences. It is easier to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one.

8. Follow through: Make sure you do what you say and be honest with people. You must deliver on your offer.