Mother’s Day CD Case Card

May is Green Packaging Month at Sunrise. In May, we focus on communicating ways to create packaging that is unique, helps you stand out from the crowd, and is also environmentally responsible… yes, you can have all three. Check out our Green Packaging Pages for more information.

reusable creative mothers day cd jewel case cardTo get us started, since Mother’s day is next weekend, we found a web site that will help you turn an unused CD case into a beautiful card for Mom!

Here’s a picture of the completed project. check out the craftylife blog for complete instructions.

Be sure to let us know how your card turned out. In fact, send us a picture and we’ll highlight it in a post! (We’ll wait until after Mother’s Day to keep the surprise)

The next time you need a binder, CD/DVD/USB case, box or sales kit, give your favorite Account Manager a call and we’ll help you create a work of art that will be environmentally friendly too.

Green Packaging Plays Vital Role in Purchasing Decisions

Having green packaging allows you to help the environment, but is it worth it financially for your company? We have been hearing a lot more about being green and environmentally-friendly the past few years from numerous companies and industries. Is it just a bunch of talk, or do people really care about the environment? How significant is sustainable packaging to consumers?

purchasing green environmentally-friendly packaging
(Picture from The Pohly Company)

Scott Young and Perception Research Services studied packaging and the environment with extensive research over two years. What they discovered is that most important to shoppers making purchasing decisions is the overall package appearance and functional concerns. Once these needs are met, they will factor in the environmental considerations. This makes green packaging the deciding factor for shoppers trying to pick between two products with equal appearance and functionality. Similarly, shoppers do not want to buy an eco-friendly item that looks and feels “cheap”. Therefore, it is important companies to offer both eye-appealing and functional packaging, as well as packaging that is good for the environment.

One more thing that Young discovered was that only 11% of shoppers thought that they knew what “sustainable packaging” was, and only about half of those actually knew what it meant. It is important for companies to educate consumers about what being environmentally-friendly means and use terms that they will understand.

A.T Kearney also performed a study and came to the conclusion that environmentally-friendly companies performed much better than their competition over a three-month and six-month period and did not have “value erosion”. Even in our struggling economy, green companies are performing above-average in the financial markets.

The eco-friendly trend does not seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Environmentally-friendly packaging does play a vital role in purchasing decisions and is helping companies beat out their competition.

2009 DUMP & KEEP Awards for Packaging

Environment Victoria in Australia announced their National DUMP Awards (Damaging and Useless Materials in Packaging) to draw public and business attention to the negative environmental impact caused by unnecessary packaging. Along with that, they presented their National KEEP Awards (Kerbing the Environmental Effect of Packaging) to spotlight environmentally friendly packaging.

According to their studies, 44 percent of packaging dump awards lemonsin Australia gets thrown in a landfill, and packaging materials make up 58 percent of litter. The awards were started to acknowledge those doing packaging right and to pressure companies with wasteful packaging to change their ways.

Topping off the DUMP list was the 5 pack of lemons by Coles Supermarkets. Not only is packaging unnecessary for lemons, but they are also using materials that are not environmentally friendly. The lemons were placed in a flexible tray and then surrounded in a flexible wrap. Neither form of packaging was labeled recyclable.

Not all companies were being criticized. Jarrah instant coffee by Associated keep awards eco-friendly JarrahBritish Foods ranked high on the KEEP list. Instant coffee used to typically be placed in glass jars, which weighed much more than the product itself. Instead of using a non-recyclable multi-material jar, they switched to a recyclable, single plastic container. They have clearly visible recycling symbols and a perforated line for effortless removal of the label before recycling.

By showcasing the winners of both the DUMP Awards and the KEEP Awards, Environment Victoria is able to both inform consumers about recycling and encourage businesses to use sustainable packaging.