Custom Corrugated Box for Branding


What’s your favorite logo? Think of your t-shirt collection. Or your favorite hat. What’s on it? Is it the Fox Racing fox? The Budweiser crown? Maybe the slashed M of the Monster logo?



fox racing logo, branding for custom corrugated box21689-monster-energy-logo

Company logos are big. Not size-wise necessarily, but there’s a reason businesses drop major dollars on logo design. If you land on the right one, it transcends the brand and becomes a piece of pop culture. Those companies listed above—consumers actually purchase clothing with their brands blazing on them. They are paying to advertise for that company. Now how’s that for a turnaround on investment?


Granted some folks might have seen them sported by a celebrity, or on the door of a race car. But most people just like to show their support for a company they like. I bet nobody at Apple foresaw how fashionable that little piece of fruit would become today.


Or maybe they did?


A Custom Corrugated Box is Your Canvas


Now your average John Q. Startup doesn’t have the funds to furnish a Nascar driver with their logo, but you can start with personalized packaging. A custom corrugated box offers durability, but also a proper canvas for your company’s brand. The fluted walls of a custom corrugated box allow for full color digital printing, so your exact logo can come through in high definition. It might not be in the hands of a pro athlete yet, but imagine how many E-Flute press kits go out a trade show. Your company logo is bound to get into the right hands eventually.


Which leads back to having a proper canvas. The nice thing about a custom corrugated box is that it’s affordable enough to give away, but can be made luxurious enough that it will be kept by its recipient. That’s the real goal, isn’t it? That’s how your logo sticks. Your name sticks. By providing your potential client with high-end custom packaging, you are giving them a reason to remember you. And if history has taught us anything, there’s nothing more useful than a custom corrugated box.