Egg Drop Design Challenges Packaging Durability

Each year there is an egg drop competition held that goes to prove, packaging can make or break an item. When I was in school, the egg drop project was very competitive. The rules were as followed: the egg must be raw, you must use at least three different materials, the egg must survive a twenty-foot drop, if the egg breaks then no points are awarded, and no parachutes are allowed. This project challenges young students to examine packaging in a fun perspective. Here are some fun designs I found.




One thing that all of these packages have in common is durability. They are durable in the situations they are faced with. Propellers were added to make the straws more durable in the air since the packaging is being dropped. Check out this video Sunrise Packaging has added to demonstrate the durability of the DVD cases that are available for purchasing.



Booksfree–The Netflix for Audiobooks

If you’re like me, you love to read books, but can’t ever seem to find the time to do it.  That is why audiobooks are so handy and have growing popularity.  You can listen to them while driving, walking, or wherever you take your CD player or mp3 player/iPod.

Booksfree Netflix for audiobooksBut the costs add up for audiobooks, especially if you go through a lot of them quickly.  For one title alone, it can cost around $15-25 in the iTunes store.  This is where Booksfree comes in.  They offer a rental service that is much like what Netflix does with DVDs.  For a monthly service fee, you can continually rent audiobooks from a huge selection without having to worry about late fees.  And you don’t have to pay extra for shipping, each audiobook you receive in the mail comes with a prepaid envelope for you to send it back in.

The amount of your monthly service fee will depend on the membership plan that you sign up for.  Prices are higher if you choose to be able to rent more than one audiobook at a time, or if you prefer the CD membership over the mp3-CD membership.  But you can get a plan for as little as $13.49/month.  If you typically buy at least one audiobook each month, you would be saving money with this membership.

This rental service is both good and bad for authors and publishers.  They get paid for the number of books sold, not by how many times they are rented.Durable Audiobook CD DVD Album Cases But this is not any different than a library offering titles, and it helps them gain exposure for more possible customers in the future.  A rental service is great is you plan to go through a lot of audiobooks, but we hope that they are using extremely durable cases if they are continually being rented and sent back and forth in the mail.  And if you like to keep your wide collection of audiobooks on display and available at all times, you may just want to stick with buying audiobooks and being able to keep them as your own.

New Multi-Disc CD Cases!

Are you in the middle of spring cleaning and need to create more space? If you have a large music collection, your jewel cases can take up a lot of room. One way to condense a large CD collection into a smaller sapce is by using multi-disc cases.

Also, with so many people living life on the go, they want to be able to take their CD’s with them witstock multi-disc 16 cd dvd casehout having to worry about the discs or the cases being ruined.

Portability and durability are important to find in a CD case, while still being able to have a professional look.

We are now offering multi-disc CD cases that take up less space than individual jewel cases and are also more convenient to carry.

These black cases snap shut like a DVD case and feature an outside clear overlay to display cover artwork. And you can’t go wrong by saving space with a 16-disc CD case that takes up the same room as three standard sized jewel cases or six slim jewel cases.

By having a durable case that can hold multiple discs, you can take your CD’s with you wherever you go. And when you eventually put them away, you’ll have room to collect even more!

Trends: How Important Are DVD Cases?

Ever wonder how often consumers actually use the cases their DVDs come in? The NPD Group conducted an interesting study commissioned by the Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA) and the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA). This study tested how consumers store their DVDs and video games. The study showed that most consumers actually do store their DVDs and video games in the original cases, rather than throwing the cases away.

The average DVD collection contains 114 titles and the average video game collection has 48 titles. There is a large demand for DVDs and video games, so it is important to pay attention to how important the packaging is to the consumer. If it has high significance, companies may want to invest in more durable and eye-appealing packaging. If the packaging does not have much significance, they may not want to invest as much money into it.extensive dvd selection cases

Eighty-nine percent of DVD owners and eighty-eight percent of video gamers do store the discs in the original cases. Five percent of DVD owners and eight percent of video gamers use plastic sleeves to store the discs and save the cases. Only six percent of DVD owners and five percent of video gamers throw away or recycle the original cases. This could partially be because the majority of consumers would rather give away, sell, or trade their DVDs and video games when they are finished, rather than throw them away.

There are a number of reasons why the packaging is important to the consumer. Cases provide protection for their discs, which can be easily scratched. The printing on the cases allows for easy organization and title identification. The packaging also brings personality to the product. The artwork is eye-appealing and the consumer associates it with the title. Some see the disc cases as a part of the actual product.

Since DVD and video game packaging is so important, companies may want to invest in high-quality, durable cases that are offered at a reasonable price.