What is Clamshell Packaging?

A clamshell, in packaging, is more than just something that Venus stood upon.  Clamshells are formed clear plastic packages that have one or more hinges, and may include a hanger tab so that the product can be displayed from store hanging pegs.  All sorts of items use clamshell packaging, from electronics to toys, medical supplies, and even sports equipment.

Although clamshells can be made different ways, the fact that it has the option of multiple hinges may give the final distributor more display options.  If desired, retailers can even stand multiple-hinged packages flat so that it can be easily displayed on store shelves without pegs, on counters, or in windows.

Sometimes difficult to open, clamshells are popular for retailers because of the increased security of the package.  They are popular partly because they are so difficult to open in the store!  Clamshells also offer an attractive, functional look, where the product inside and surrounding literature can be easily viewed.

Although clamshell’s are not the only packaging option out there, they are extraordinarily popular and easily recognized.

Seasonal Packaging Goes Green

Christmas is still months away, but Nestle is already thinking about their seasonal packaging and going green for the holidays. In the past, chocolate makers have often been known for wasteful and unnecessary packaging, especially for special seasonal promotions. This is the new target to work on, and Nestle is going at it.

Custom-Packaging-Boxes-Nestle-Seasonal-Green-Eco-FriendlyAccording to Food Production Daily, Nestle will be making all of its Christmas selection custom boxes fully recyclable. One change they made was removing the plastic inserts that held the chocolate bars in place and replacing them with a card presentation tray. This way, the chocolate can still be nicely displayed in the custom box and be easily recycled when you are finished with it. This is one step for Nestle to be more environmentally-friendly in their packaging to reduce waste and address the concerns of their environmentally-conscious customers.