Packaging Designs That “Pop”

Some packaging designs are created simply to capture people’s attention and say “Look at me!” The product stands out from its competitors with custom packaging.

Custom packaging makes products unique and also helps differentiate products from other similar items. The key to custom packaging is to be visually appealing.

Take Red Bull Cola’s custom packaging for their popular beverage. The package features a wooden case that displays each of the 17 key ingredients that make up the Red Bull Cola taste. The packaging is designed by Design Friendship, a design company located in the United Kingdom. Instead of simply packaging single cans of Red Bull Cola, the packaging design features the product’s quality and value. The custom packaging distinguishes the beverage from other energy drinks. Besides, who doesn’t want to know all of the ingredients in Red Bull Cola?

Green Marketing in a Struggling Economy

So you want to help the environment by being more eco-friendly and increasing your green efforts, but think that it is too expensive? Many people wonder if they should cut back on green marketing and their green efforts in a struggling economy, but in fact you should do quite the opposite. I read in the September issue of Deliver, a marketing magazine, that it is actually a “hook to getting through them”. They say that green marketing improves your efficiencies, increases customer loyalty, and differentiates your brand.

Wal-Mart-Eco-Friendly-EffortsTake for instance, Wal-Mart’s green efforts. Wal-Mart’s “Earth Month” green marketing efforts included print ads for 10 different green products under $10 and “rollbacks” on environmentally-friendly products. Customers are looking for ways to save money in a tough economy, and Wal-Mart is helping them do that, while still having a positive environmental effect.

Eco-Friendly-Efforts-SunChips-Solar-EnergyGreen marketing also increases customer loyalty. Frito-Lay’s SunChips brand gained customers by showing them that green is both good for them and the environment. They started this marketing plan after seeing market research from 2006 that showed that people who care about their personal health also care about the planet. SunChips have 18 grams of whole grain and zero trans fat. Since these chips are healthier than regular potato chips, their campaigns played off this, their nature-related name, and their sustainability investments, which includesEco-Friendly-Efforts-SunChips-Compostable-Bag producing a compostable bag. They promoted their compostable bags with an online video showing them decompose, as well as print ads that included a tear-off sample for consumers to test it out themselves in their compost piles. Green marketing helped SunChips become one of the fastest-growing snack brands at Frito-Lay.

Eco-friendly-Efforts-Innovation-Thinking-Ideas-EnvironmentGreen marketing, done correctly, also differentiates your brand from the competition. IBM took a different route by connecting with the community in their green efforts. Their Smarter Planet initiative used direct mail to encourage individuals, businesses, and institutions to change the way they work. They also started a series of jams, or brainstorming sessions, that bring people from around the world together to solve an issue. Their “Congestion Challenge” collects innovative ideas to fight transportation congestion, and the winner receives $50,000, as well as the development and implementation support for the idea.

Even More Fun USB Flash Drive Designs

With the ever increasing popularity of USB flash drives, also known as jump drives or thumb drives, companies are coming up with more and more creative designs for these devices. Here are some that we found at Gadget4all:


Care for a flash memory shot?


This one is a mp3 player, voice recorder, AND a flash memory stick:


Like to eat/cook? There are plenty of creative food designs:



Don’t go without protecting these valuable devices. When you need to package all of your creative USB flash drives, give Sunrise a call. We can help create a custom package to go with your unique devices that can help prevent them from being lost/damaged.

(All pictures from

Descriptive Packaging: Customers Know What They Are Getting

When customers are running through a store, they don’t have time to search through the shelves to find what they want. They want packaging to be distinctive and descriptive. Successful packaging will not only be eye-appealing and attract the customer’s attention, but it will also convey the message you are trying to send and show them what they are getting.

Here are some great descriptive packaging examples that we found:





You only have a few seconds to catch the customer’s attention. What are you going to do with your packaging to stand out on the shelf above your competition?

Distinctive Health and Medicine Packaging

One of the main reasons for custom packaging is for the product to stand out on the shelf in comparison to the competitor.  This helps the brand identity and increases the perceived value of the product.

Another great reason for custom packaging is to make your products distinctive, so the customer can easily tell the difference between products.  Help remedies offers six different products of medicines/bandages that they can package in very similar, yet distinctive cases.  Instead of using complicated names of medicine that customers may not understand, Help Remedies keeps it simple by naming each product by how you feel.  Their product line includes: “Help.  I have a headache.”, “Help. I have an aching body.”,”Help. I can’t sleep.”  Each product also has their own assigned color that is used in the packaging, so that customers can get used to grabbing a certain color off of the shelf.

Viktoriya Gadomska designed these custom boxes of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and F.  With the boxes in the shape of the letter of their respective vitamin supplement, it makes it easy for customers to grab what they want off of the shelf in a hurry.

A Cereal Box Of A Different Shape

When it comes to packaging, a different shape or size package can accomplish many things.

  1. Use less materials to be more environmentally-friendly.  Cutting down on the amount of materials being used can play a huge impact, rather than simply switching materials.
  2. It works better for the consumer.  Shorter boxes will fit in kitchen cupboards and pantries better by take up less room.
  3. Using less materials can cut down on costs.
  4. Differentiation can help your product stand out on the shelf over the competition.
Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats New Box Packaging

(Picture found at: Packaging Matters)

In the above example, Kellogg’s is testing a box of a different shape.  It holds the same amount of cereal, uses less packaging material, fits into kitchen cupboards better, and it makes a great first impression.  This cuts down on costs and generates less waste to be more eco-friendly.

If it turns out that the box will also help little tykes spill less cereal on the table, Kellogg’s has really got a winning design!

Stand Out with Creative Packaging

When you walk into a store, what is it that makes you want to buy a product?  Is it the actual product itself or the presentation of the product with custom packaging that grabs your attention?  It is usually a combination of both.  Consumers typically have at least somewhat of a need or want for the actual product itself if they are going to buy it, but the creative packaging is really what makes it stand out on the shelf over the competition.

So what is it about creative packaging that draws us in?  The bright colors, the different shapes and sizes, the unique design.  It’s not something we see everyday, it’s new and exciting, our curiosity wants to see more.  The packaging is such a huge part of marketing, because products are so similar and the packaging could be the slight differentiation from the competition.  Meterdown displayed some creative packaging designs that they found:

Creative Packaging Shoes

Box designed to custom-fit the shoes.

Coca-Cola holiday bottles look like ornaments.

Coca-Cola holiday bottles look like ornaments.

See your dream sports field as you open your new athletic shoes.

See your dream sports field as you open your new athletic shoes.

Workout with your sports drink custom packaged bottle

Workout with your sports drink.

Eco-friendly paper water bottles.

Eco-friendly paper water bottles.

Unique shoe box.

Unique shoe box.

Innovative milk carton.

Innovative milk carton.

Banana case to protect from bruising.

Banana case to protect from bruising.

Make sure no one eats your sandwich.

Make sure no one eats your sandwich.

Creative juice boxes that look like the texture of fruit.

Creative juice boxes that look like the texture of fruit.

Custom packaging can truly turn your product into a creative masterpiece that gets consumers to stop and stare.  It adds value to your product with an exceptional look that is fit to meet your needs.  Consider getting an eye-appealing customized package for your product or your next project and you could see the results that a quality product presentation gives.

Inspiration for Packaging Design

Graphic design is one way that can really make packaging for your products stand out from the competition. It makes your packaging eye-appealing, thought provoking, creates brand identity, and can allow the consumer to focus on the product for a longer period of time. Effective packaging draws the consumer in while displaying the information about the product. This can be done with the tools of illustration, color, typography, the types of packaging materials used, as well as the form of packaging.

Especially when the market is doing poorly, it is important to be a step ahead of the competition and differentiate yourself by having creative packaging. You want to be the first to catch the consumer’s attention and have your product stand out on the shelf. If this is done effectively, you could increase your customer base and boost your sales. DzineBlog displayed many creative packaging designs to help give you inspiration:creative design canscreative packaging kitchen suppliescreative packaging bottles

creative packaging colored bottlescreative packaging and designcreative packaging jarscreative packaging evian waterCustomized and creative packaging can help your product stand out from the competition. If you would like help creating your own custom packaging, contact one of our Design Experts.