Custom Pads in Action

This time of year seems to bring out the best in people. We're inspired by the holiday season to give more, volunteer more, and appreciate what we have a little more. And when we get to create custom pads for an organization that literally embodies these sentiments, like the Salvation Army, it drives that point home even more. 

For an organization with the relatively simply tagline of 'Doing the most good,' the Salvation Army as an organization is anything but simple. Pursuing a mission of meeting human need without discrimination since 1865, they're done a lot of amazing work: 

  • Assisting around 25 million Americans every year
  • Serving 128 countries around the world
  • Comprising of over 1.5 million members (officers, soldiers, and adherents)

You've undoubtedly encountered a Salvation Army volunteer or two ringing bells outside businesses to get donations. But donating your spare change while hurrying out of the grocery store isn't the only way to help the organization. Planned giving is a major source of funding. To attract new donors in this digital age, the Salvation Army knew they had to move past the analog style of a brochure. Custom pads are the perfect option.

Custom Pads for a New Age

Sunrise Packaging custom pads are sleek, booklike boxes. We use a heavy chipboard for extra impact, and a custom foam insert to hold contents in place. They're the perfect option for a variety of products, from loyalty cards to medical devices to flash drives. 

When it comes to the Salvation Army project, their needs are focused on marketing to planned giving donors. The tailormade foam cavities can hold a pen and a USB drive. The drive contains necessary information on how to make planned gifts from different parts of a donor's financial plan, like:

  • Cash
  • Real estate
  • Stocks
  • Bonds

And whatever might be part of the financial plan of the donor. Additionally, a clear vinyl sleeve was added to the custom pads. This will hold a brochure, postcard, and a business card. 

Custom Pads Drive Campaigns

Custom pads are a great accompaniment to marketing campaigns. They can appeal to those who like to physically handle materials while offering an alternative for those who want to interact through technology. Not to mention that the personalized USB drives can cleanly transfer documents necessary for giving campaigns. 

Additionally, custom pads can even come with a creative sleeve for mailing. Learn more about options for design and finishing by reaching out to our sales team today!

Custom USB Packaging at Sunrise

I sit on the board for a local nonprofit. We're planning on hosting a table at an upcoming conference for industry professionals, and the topic of promotional swag came up. It's a deadlock: half of us are solidly against conference swag; the other half are for it. The ones who who are against swag think that it's a waste of money. The rest of us think it's a great way to raise awareness of our organization, and the research seems to support that. It comes down to customization and usage. Conference swag needs to be identifiably connected to the organization who provided it, and it must be of enough use to the attendee to be worth carrying around. Custom USB packaging is an ideal way to share your brand with conference attendees while giving them an actual USB. 

In short, I found that promotional products tend to be much more effective than other forms of advertising, with 21% of recipients making a purchase after receiving a promotional product. It's all about making a connection for consumers. Oh, and passing out swag that makes sense.

Custom usb packaging

Something That Won't Go in the Garbage

It's hard to know what that will be. There's always some hot conference item for which people go gaga. A recent conference was pressing t-shirts for attendees onsite; another had a keg of beer and pint glasses.  Both are fun and draw people to a booth; but realistically, how likely are you to wear a cheesy t-shirt or carry a pint glass around while at a conference? (And believe me, I saw a lot of filmy pint glasses rolling around after the keg was killed). Custom USB packaging with a USB is small and inconspicuous. It's not a pain to carry, and it is useful for multiple reasons.

Custom USB Packaging is Efficient Marketing

To finally put the discussion to rest regarding how useful conference swag can be, Biznology found that 90% of survey recipients use a promotional product they received at least once a week. And the other 10%? They tend to pass them on to a family member.  They also report keeping the promotional product for at least a year (87%)--pretty solid numbers, eh?  Not only is the recipient seeing your brand at least weekly, but others with whom they come in contact are seeing it, too. 

Let's talk about traditional advertising methods in comparison. All told, less than 10% of people make a purchase after viewing ads on TV, online, or in print. That kind of exposure costs a lot more than even a few hundred custom USB packages and drives. Not to mention that promotional swag, placed directly in the hands of your target audience, is far more tangible than an ephemeral ad. 

Have we convinced you yet?