Premium TV Series Box

Television series sets and music collections are often accompanied by specialty packaging. Most likely produced in large runs, these box sets always have a unique, custom aspect. This example, from Packaging of the World, is for an HBO series called Roma. The black, two piece slip case and box have a sleek and upscale look that extends the series’ theme; Secrets of an Empire. The custom box adds value to the entire series package, and as an added touch- a textured red paper with printed graphics adorns an already esthetically-pleasing display.   custom slipcase boxcustom black box

Box of Vision – The Ultimate CD Case!

In September, a new compilation of digitally remastered Beatles Albums will be available. The people at BoxOfVistion, LLC have come up with a great box to hold the new discs.

The Box of Vision (BoV) itself is beautifully covered in linen with a picture of the band and a silver foil Beatles logo and accents. The graphic on one side look like a stack of LPs giving the box a great retro look.

Inside are three books chronicling the band and their albums and a unique storage system to hold 32 Beatles Albums on CD. The system is built specifically to store the 32 CDs and CD booklets that comprise THE BEATLES core album catalog, from PLEASE PLEASE ME through LOVE. There are five beautiful art adorned page spreads where CD booklets can be stored in one-to-one correspondence with their accompanying CDs.

As you can see, custom packaging can add value or even be a stand alone product. You can read more or order the BoV at