8 Uses for Ring Binders

The ring binder was first patented in 1854 and since then they have been used for many things. The binder is the most efficient way to organize all kinds of materials. Since binders come in different sizes, colors, materials, and capacities, they are a universal tool for any type of organizational need. Binders also allow the user to become creative in what a binder is used for. Possibilities are endless when it comes to the many uses of binders.

Here are 8 uses for ring binders:

1. Sales pricing books
2. Owner’s manuals or employee handbooks can be easily organized into a binder
3. Organize school materials, homework, etc.
4. Organizing collections: Whether you collect stamps, baseball cards, or other memorabilia, plastic sheets and inserts are a great place to put collections and can be easily placed into a binder
5. Binders can make great scrapbooks or photo albums
6. Easel binders allow for making presentations easy
7. If you have a bunch of recipes lying around, a binder can be used to make a cookbook
8. A binder was originally created to hold loose leaf paper, which is a great place to write a journal, a book, or track goals

These are just a few examples of how binders can be used, but there are many more uses out there. Binders make organization easy and convenient, especially with binder accessories such as tabs and page protectors.

Green-Minded Consumers

Environmentally-conscious Consumers AppleMore and more we are hearing about companies “going green” and offering eco-friendly products.  There is a growing concern being shown for the environment, but is that one of the main factors shoppers are looking for Environmentally-conscious Consumers Statisticswhen making purchasing decisions?

GreenBiz pointed out that consumers are becoming very eco-conscious.  According to a study by Ipsos Marketing, consumers are tending to choose healthier food products with fresh ingredients and green packaging over products with more convenient packaging and food preparation.  They even scored higher than improving the taste of the food.  But taste should not be taken out of consideration.  Taste is key to food choice and to many, taste and fresh ingredients go hand in hand.

Deloitte, along with the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), also conducted a study of over 6,000 customers on how sustainability affects purchasing decisions.  They determined that a substantial amount of consumers take social and environmental benefits into serious consideration when choosing a product.

What does this mean for you?  Clearly green packaging is deciding factor in purchasing decisions, and environmental concerns are not going away.  So if you want to stay on top of the market by paying attention to consumers’ concerns and help the environment, try using green packaging.