Custom Audio Album

custom thermoformed albumThis custom disc album is basic and functional. With chosen materials and custom foil stamp, this black vinyl audio album holds all discs in place in an protective, durable case. Most plastic packaging solutions that you see in retail are transparent in order to display the product and draw in a customer. However, what many purchasers don’t realize is that there are multiple colors, gauges, and properties of plastics that can be thermoformed to create a packaging solution. For example, on our online store we offer thermoformed packaging solutions in black, white, and clear! For custom products, we have the best resources to get the plastic in the color and thickness that is best suited for the project. This black custom audio album is just an example of how a classic vinyl and turned edge album can add value and weight to a disc set.custom vinyl foil stamp

Plastic Webkey Case

Custom Thermoformed USB CaseThis thermoformed package was made specifically for a customized webkey. Not to be confused with a flash drive, a webkey is a small device with a standard USB that brings the user to a designated landing page or website. When we provide USBs, flash drives, or webkeys to our customers, they are most often packaged in die-cut foam. This option is quick, economical, and great for large one-time production runs. However, for repeat business, it works out better for our clients to opt for a thermoformed plastic tray. Once tooling charges and production is out of the way, everything else becomes extremely affordable the larger the production runs are. Note how specific the formed plastic is in this photo example- this packaging piece held a metal webkey and enclosed it in a secure closure that is formed into the case.


Visible Blister Packaging

The visibility offered by clear plastic packaging is extremely useful in retail cosmetics sales. Blister packs are one of the most common solutions used for cosmetic application products because of this factor. Until a shopper has the chance to really examine the colors, application features, and personal benefits of the item, you have not convinced them yet. Blister packaging is easier to open than secure plastic clamshells, which will come into play when the consumer needs to return for more. Branding is easier than ever with blister packaging because you have the opportunity to apply your logo, graphic design, and product information all on the blister card- this serves as the back to the formed plastic cavity. Because many cosmetic products are displayed in-store on racks or pegs, blister packaging offers display features as well as the ability to add tab for hanging. With shelf appeal and tamper-evident security, custom blister packaging is an ideal solution for retail cosmetics.

Thermoformed Albums

Probably our most popular stock products are for media packaging; whether that entails USB flash drives, or CD/DVD media, our stock packaging solutions and cases go as far back as VHS and cassette albums. While these forms of media are slowly exiting the market, there are still many customers and companies that rely on disc media; either in libraries, self-help collections, or important computer software. USB and disc media are practically universal, especially as back up storage in case cloud software or wireless internet is temporarily unattainable. Finished with vinyl or turned edge, our multi-disc albums with sealed in pages are extremely economical and easy to customize. Internal components of these albums are thermoformed in our facility, heat sealed to the exterior and ring metals are applied. For multi-disc sets or media applications, consider a semi-customizable solution like thermoformed albums; they save time, money, and serve as a representative package of what the customer has in store.


Stock Clamshells: Save Money and Time

stock thermoformed packagingAs a custom manufacturer, we thrive on the idea of creating new, exiting, unique solutions to perfectly fit our customers’ needs and product dimensions. However, it is still imperative that we make options available for small quantities and standardized sizes.



thermoformed clamshellsThis is exactly why our new stock clamshell program is a step in the right direction. By supplying our customers with a few stock options to choose from, we save them money and time. Available in a variety of sizes, stock clamshells do not require tooling or extra material purchasing. We simply find the right size for you and get the quantity you need ready to be fulfilled. As a turnkey solutions provider, we are able to fulfill, seal, and ship the order to your needs.

Improve Shoppers’ Experience with Plastic Packaging

plastic thermoforming Plastic packaging solutions offer a variety of benefits to the product they hold and the supplying company. While packaging solutions in a retail environment need have their best foot forward, thermoformed plastic packaging is capable of drawing in the consumer, displaying the item, and enhancing the user experience, all while protecting the integrity of the package and product. Quality packaging manufacturing and design can actually improve the usability of the item it holds by protecting its features in shipping and on the shelf– this is where tamper-evidence comes into play. By utilizing a clear packaging solution such as a custom clamshell, you display the item as it was meant to be seen. Shoppers have the ability to view the product and inspect it for quality assurance. This way, consumers can be confident in their purchasing habits and are more likely to go ahead and buy. By displaying products with clear custom packaging, you enhance the user experience and add an element of convenience for the busy purchasing public.

Design and Manufacture Under One Roof

Packaging design and manufacturing often come from two separate entities. Because of this separation, there are often problems and miscommunications from the designer, the retailer, and the packaging manufacturer. To avoid manufacturing complications and mistakes, choose a reliable and local manufacturer that not only takes your packaging solution from start to finish, but also keeps you informed and updated every step of the way. With custom thermoforming, we know that having an in-house tooling department is comforting to our clients. We benefit from a tooling department by keeping design, prototype, and final product all under one roof. That way, any miscommunications or errors can be caught early on as to not ruin an entire run. Experience is also a hug plus. After 30 years of thermoforming thin gauge plastic, we have seen everything from blister packs, clamshells, and albums all result in a high-quality product from open communication and production awareness.

PocketMonkey: Thermoformed Blister

This is a package for the Pocket Monkey from Zootility tools. The custom thermoformed package fits the convenient tool to size and shape! Adding custom printed board to surround and frame the plastic package adds to the aesthetic appeal of the product and package. Thin-gauge thermoforming and custom aluminum tooling in-house make this packaging efficient, affordable, and convenient (just like the product itself). Check out the PocketMonkey at!

Display Retail Products with Plastic Packaging

Packaging for retail products is a crucial part of marketing and selling the product. When creating the design and setup up thermoformed plastic packaging, style and substance must be employed for a successful product. Not only does the end result need to be appealing to consumers, but it needs to be highly functional for shipping and likely tampering. It is important to remember that many consumers will associate the quality of packaging with quality product– so, when choosing a thermoforming manufacturer or even plastics provider, be adamant about your standards and how to present your product. Custom plastic clamshells and blister packaging can be used with clear plastics that not only protect the item but display it to the consumer. Don’t make them guess what your product is like- show them!plastic blister pack

Plastic Trays + Turned Edge

thermoformed trayWhen shopping and designing great packaging, it is important not to stay stuck with one material or manufacturing process. At Sunrise Packaging, we mix and match our manufacturing capabilities quite often. For example, Permavue™ albums and other media packaging cleverly combine thermoformed plastic trays with turned edge flats customized with artwork and other external features. This way, the retailer and eventually the end user get the best of both worlds: a custom fitted plastic tray that holds contents securely tightly sealed onto a full customized turned edge cover. Turned edge manufacturing gives the outside of the packaging the look and feel of a hardcover textbook, perfect for holding a thermoformed plastic tray. Put the two together and your album is complete! Well, you should probably write a few songs first…