Retro Cereal Boxes Make a Comeback at General Mills

The Dieline recently posted that cereal giant General Mills is going retro by releasing the 80’s versions of their cereal packaging! The 80’s style packaging is set to run February 7th – mid March, while supplies last. The “retro” theme by General Mills is also partnering with popular iconic retro brand, Atari! We’ve had a few posts about how nostalgic effects on packaging can be a huge hit, so we’re sure that General Mills will have no problem selling these retro cereal boxes!

“It’s time to bust out those sweat bands, leg warmers, and neon accessories, and head to your local Target, as Big G cereals are bringing back their “Retro” themed packaging for the fifth time, 80’s style. Starting February 7 through mid-March, while supplies last, these limited-edition Big G cereal boxes are sure to turn heads down Target’s cereal aisle with their totally radical retro look.

“Partnering with Atari made the opportunity even more exciting as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary milestone. It doesn’t get more iconic than retro Atari games!”

“With the comeback of classic movies, late night TV shows, and neon colors on the runway, this year’s decision to highlight the 80’s was simple – it’s on trend,” said Tara Johnson, integrated marketing communications manager at General Mills. “Partnering with Atari made the opportunity even more exciting as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary milestone. It doesn’t get more iconic than retro Atari games!”

Consumers are drawn to nostalgia, and that’s exactly what Big G is bringing to the table this year with graphics from Atari classics like Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command featured on the back of each participating cereal. Navigate your way through breakfast with Big G cereals and the Asteroids maze, finding the clone and testing your knowledge with Atari trivia. Once packages hit Target stores, consumers can also check out to further test their skills at Centipede and to enter in a sweepstakes for a chance to win Target Gift Cards and Atari merchandise.”

Check out ’80s-themed General Mills Packaging’ to see The DieLine’s complete post and more retro cereal packaging photos!

Source: The Dieline

Vintage Packaging

Package designers so often strive to be innovative and modern with their package design. Interestingly, some marketers and designers have been taking a different approach to their packaging by retracing their steps and going back to their old form. What are the benefits of vintage or throwback packaging? To remind consumers of rich tradition and lasting power I suppose. Striking up a little nostalgia to devoted customers reminding them of how long they’ve been committing to the same brand. Whatever the case, vintage packaging sure looks cool and looking at these old Star Wars figurines, I’m getting a little nostalgic myself.

Custom Packaging for Kids

What can put you in a better mood today than to look at a few creative packaging designs for kids? We all know that food tastes better, camping is safer, and tissues are stronger with cartoon-themed packages.

This packaging design concept for Birdy-Juice comes from Jeksel. Don’t really know much about it other than it comes in 3 different flavors, is not out yet, and has very creative custom packaging.

Packaging for kid-friendly animal tissue boxes. Paco the parrot, Fredo the turtle and Teo the tiger will be launched early September 2010 in the Eastern European market, under the ZEWA brand. The package design idea is intended to make a tissue box more attractive for children- maybe to encourage them to go to the tissue box rather than use their clothes.

International Design Consultancy P&W has designed a new range of Kids’ cereals.  Cookie Bites, Cocoa Sharks, and Apple & Cinnamon Smiles are free of artificial colorings and flavors and contain less sugar than many of the mainstream brands. Bright colors and cute cartoon characters encompass the packaging hoping to catch the attention of children from the cereal shelves in the grocery store. We all know that there is FIERCE competition.

Beautiful packaging design concept and illustrations by Sutasinee C. Seitz. The idea was to design a promotional piece to encourage family bonding through camping. The pieces are based on campfire activities- an over-sized matchbox, owl lantern, bear s’mores, bird harmonica, and fire fox fire starters make up the camping kit.

General Mills To Use Cheerios For Alternative Energy

General Mills, the MN-based food giant, is doing more with their oats than making Cheerios. This Spring, they began construction on a biomass steam boiler at the company’s milling plant in Fridley, MN where it produces oat flour for Cheerios, Lucky Charms, and other cereals. The boiler will be ready next year to burn oat hulls left over from the milling process and convert them into energy, reducing the mill’s carbon footprint by 21%.

The hulls release the same carbon they absorbed from the atmosphere as plants, making the process essentially carbon neutral. General Mills produces 90,000 tons of oat hulls per year from its two mills in Fridley, MN and northeast Minneapolis. It will use about 10% of that to power its Fridley plant. General Mills also sells its oat hulls to the Koda Energy plant in Shakopee, MN. The plant is 100% biomass-powered and produces malt for brewing.

This project is just one example of how food manufacturers are getting creative and discovering new value is the very old energy technology of biomass. The Fridley oat hull burner is General Mills’ first endeavor into using a food waste product as an energy substitute. Companies can save 20-30% on their fuel costs by switching from purchased fuel to waste fuel.

The decision was not as easy as it sounds however. Converting from a gas to a solid-fuel burner that can burn oat hulls is complex and not necessarily cost effective. Natural gas is cheaper than oat hulls today but the prices for natural gas are expected to be greater than oat hulls by the end of 2012 and beyond.

More info:
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