Baby Video Disc Case and Branding

This media packaging solution we found on was designed by Anagrama. The concept is for a company named Biovideo; an organization that has charged themselves with the purpose of helping new parents document and relive their baby’s first moments. Biovideo is a combination of both product and service. After their staff films that first days at the hospital, they load the movie online and offer to the family to view and share with loved ones online. However, they believe it is important for the baby to have their very copy, so they have partnered with Johnson’s Baby and New York Life to provide the service free of charge at select partner hospitals. The branding on the packaging uses rounded type and a clean and simple color palette. The minimal design and uniquely representative logo gives supports the baby theme without being overbearing or cliché.

Soul Music Set: Collector’s Edition

We found this creative box on the Packaging of the World creative packaging design gallery and just had to share! This packaging solution definitely thinks outside of the box and case. Made for a limited edition music compilation, Soulfinger music production and soul music artists have come together to create a collector’s item. This highly detailed, unique piece adds value to the music collaboration by making the entire set special and gift-like. Both the construction of the box and material choice are out of the ordinary, but in a way that catches the eye of the consumer and entices them to at the very least pick it up!

Exclusive Special Edition Album Set

This packaging for a new album set from Peter Gabriel is ultra custom, and true to its design. The entire packaging solution brings all of the album components together for a cohesive special edition set. The album, entitled “Scratch My Back” comes in a multi-form box set for an exclusive limited edition. The CD case is covered in a turned edge screen printed slip case box with intricate yet subtle graphic design, and thumb notches for easy access to the contents. Inside the custom slipcase is a red cross shaped USB drive as well as a disc format of the album. The gloss lamination, variety of formats and exclusivity of this album set make it a versatile gift or collector’s item which adds value to the project as a whole. This packaging solution was found on Packaging of the World, a creative packaging design gallery full of packaging examples and design inspiration.

Deluxe Box Set

turned edge boxThis packaging example is for a deluxe box set edition of  Random Access Memories from Daft Punk. High end packaging solutions a special edition music go together like peanut butter and jelly, and this example rose to the occasion and delivered a special set. The box is turned edge, except instead of using paper, the box is wrapped with cloth and stamped with a gold foil logo of Random Access Memories. The intricacies of this custom box extend beyond the outside wrap; individual contents of the box set are separated by dividers that are adorned with pattern and texture relevant to Daft Punk themselves. This kit is super custom all throughout with Daft Punk inspired foil stamps, reusable USB flash drives, schematic posters, collector’s vinyl, and even a cloth-bound hard cover book. The use of the word “deluxe” has never been more appropriate!daft punk

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Intricate CD Package

This CD packaging solution is intriguing and compact! The contemporary look and feel combined with custom Greek-inspired design exude the theme and contents of the CD. Graphic design for the media packaging solution is copper foil embossed and relief printed to create texture and emphasize the artwork. On the back side, gloss finish is used to display the same motif on the black surface. While CD and DVD media demands may be slipping due to internet downloads and media piracy, custom packaging solutions like these give consumers the extra push to purchase a specialty album. At Sunrise Packaging, we are affected by the CD/DVD media market because we provide both custom and stock options for music albums, DVD sets, and more. Blog source: Packaging of the World.

Turned Edge Solutions

permavue comboCustom turned edge packaging solutions are our priority here at Sunrise. When we say turned edge, we are referring to the manufacturing process where we wrap, or turn a custom printed or even foil stamped material onto a durable chipboard. That’s it, simple as that. To get the idea or feel across, we sometimes reference hard cover textbooks or even the Apple/iPhone boxes- these items use the same process. Turned edge gives the look of a completely custom made product when in fact, it is quite simple at large runs (for us, that is). While we focus on manufacturing boxes and binders with this process, there other turned edge products that can greatly benefit any company in their marketing, software, and internal packaging needs. Check out Sunrise Packaging’s Permavue disc albums and folders. The turned edge cases are capable of holding one disc in a flat folder, or multiple discs in a turned edge album. Whatever media you need to store, custom turned edge manufacturing can create the perfect packaging solution with your input and creativity!

Creative Media Package

This CD release for a British pop band is representative of the eclectic collection of tunes while standing out in an innovative way. While it seems as if disc sales and production are falling to the wayside, there is still a demand for music lovers to purchase newly released albums in store instead of online. After all, record sales is what supports the artist. This album from Gabby Young and Other Animals titles “The Band Called Out for More” is packaged in a kaleidoscope-style package that opens the disc compartment in a revolving motion. The digital print on this media package is impeccable, with a wide range of colors and intricate detail. With a decline in record sales, rare and innovative packaging can be the “make or break” factor in which a consumer chooses to purchase or not. We found this CD case on PackagingoftheWorld.

History of the Jewel Case for CDs

CD single disc jewel caseHere at Sunrise Packaging we pride ourselves in our stock selection of CD and DVD packaging products. In this day and age these products seem second nature to us, and even yesterday’s news. One of our many items is the ever popular jewel CD case. If you were wondering how this case got so popular- here is a little history overview of the jewel case for compact discs: In 1981, Sony and Philips partnered up to create the newest of media storage formats, at the time calling it the Digital Audio Disc. After this development, the next step was to package the product. The case for the new compact disc needed to hold discs flat and protect them from scratches that can damage CD content. The case also had to evoke a high-tech appearance that convinced consumers to make the switch. PolyGram was handed the task of creating the case (at the time this was a record label owned by Philips). The design was finalized in 1982 by Peter Doodson, a designer working form PolyGram in Holland, and so came into being the jewel case. The three piece plastic case had a rectangular back, a disc shaped tray and a transparent cover to hold artwork. Doodson described the first of this product he saw as “virtually perfect” and the case was coined the jewel case. Later that year, the first album ever release on a compact disc was “52nd Street” by Billy Joel. Consumers loved the new format, and the CD exploded on the market from then. There are many versions of the original jewel case, many are purchased in-store for your desired album. Here at Sunrise, we love them so much, we sell them in bulk! 🙂

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Don’t Go Digital, Go Custom with CD Packaging

It’s no secret the music industry has been battered by the growth of online digital music sales. CD sales continue to be way down. The convenience of jumping on iTunes and grabbing some tunes without having to leave your home is unmistakable. Faced with that challenge, artists and labels are choosing not to completely give in to the digital revolution. Custom CD packaging is a way that artists can differentiate and offer something tangible for their fans. Going beyond jewel cases and digipaks, a lot of artists and record companies are having success customizing their packaging. These examples might be an exaggeration, as you won’t see CD packaging this elaborate everyday. Nonetheless, they’re very cool and creative.

DHNN’s design for Beck’s 8-bit album


Vonnegut Dollhouse by Rethink

Clever Paperboard CD Packaging by Jakebox

Radical Music by SunrisePackaging

Types of CD Packaging

The compact disc, or CD as we call it, was introduced in 1982. This new technology allowed us to go from analog to digital recording capabilities. CD’s offer a much higher sound quality and storage capacity. They are also more durable and less susceptible to damage compared to cassette tapes and vinyl records. Although CD’s are becoming a less popular means of listening to music since places like iTunes exist, CDs are used for a variety of other things which means they still need secure packaging.

We are most familiar with the standard jewel case, but there are actually many different types of CD packaging. Below is an overview of the types of CD packaging:

Jewel case: This is the most popular and commonly used form of CD packaging. These cases are fitted with a molded, semi-rigid plastic insert that features a center hub to secure the CD and hold it in place. The case closes with a hinged door that is snapped into place. The cover of jewel cases have a slot for holding a booklet or artwork. The back is designed to hold a lining of artwork.

Slimline case: This type of CD case is half as thick as a standard jewel case. The front is similar, allowing for a booklet or artwork to be inserted. The back is a one-piece plastic tray. These cases are smaller and easier to ship.

Slim Double Case: This cases is basically like a standard jewel case, with the exception of the CD tray design. The CD tray is a slim double case and hinged near the spine. The way it is molded can hold a CD on each side.

Chubby CD Jewel Case: This case, also called the fatty case, is a way to hold multiple discs in one case. It has two clear sides to hold CD trays and each side is connected to a center section that may be molded to hold one or two additional CDs.

Digipak: This type is made of cardboard with a plastic molded tray attached to it. The cardboard case allows for screen printing and the interior sleeve has a place for a booklet to be inserted. Some digipaks have gatefold flaps that fold over to cover the CD from both sides.

FLPpak: This is a type of digipak but with added protection. A molded tray is attached to the cardboard backing. The bottom, top, and opening is protected with hard plastic. The opening edge has a hard plastic tab that is hinged to the back and snaps in place when closed.

Clamshell Cases: These cases are shaped just as their name, like a clamshell. They are a great way to protect CDs. They hold CDs snugly and keep them safe against scratches and damage.

Paper Sleeve: These sleeves have a clear plastic window and are the easiest as well as cheapest CD packaging. This type of CD packaging is commonly used for promotional and demo discs.

So there won’t be a test on these different types of CD packaging. But it is interesting to know there are more options than the standard jewel case.