Happy Birthday CD!

Yesterday marked the 30th birthday of the Compact happy 30th birthday cdDisc. On March 8th, 1979, Royal Philips Electronics exhibited a prototype of what we now know as the CD. Since then, over 240 billion CDs have been sold. The introduction of the CD also paved the way for videogame discs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs.

To celebrate this historic landmark, IEEE, the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology, presented Philips with the IEEE Milestone Award for their role in the development of the CD.

The CD was truly a revolutionary idea. Not only are CDs much smaller than their predecessor, the cassette tape, they are more convenient and have a much higher quality cd disc birthdayplayback. They completely transformed the way audio, video, and computing was done.

Although some believe that CDs are being pushed out of the way for digital files and mp3s, CDs have brought us a long way and aren’t disappearing yet. Many prefer having a physical disc, rather than storing everything on the computer. And don’t forget about videogames, DVDs, and the new Blu-Ray format. The world is not letting go of discs anytime soon. So to this we say, “Happy Birthday CD!”

Libraries Increase Media Collections to Include Blu-Ray Discs

Libraries are trying to continue to stay up to date with the current times. With this comes the increasing demand for the new Blu-rayblu-ray disc technology for libraries technology format.

Since Blu-ray discs are able to hold 25GB (single layer), rather than just 4.7GB with a standard DVD, it brings major improvements to the image quality, audio quality, and special features.

Blu-ray discs can deliver up to 48MB per second, while DVDs only bring 8MB per second. This is a huge jump for picture quality! It is no doubt that people would prefer to watch Blu-ray movies, if they have the capabilities.

Libraries see this demand and want to meet it to satisfy their customers. As they increase their media collection to include Blu-ray discs, they need authentic, high-quality Blu-raystock library blu-ray cases cases to replace their old ones. These electric blue cases are eye-appealing and are a reminder of the higher quality that comes with the Blu-ray format.

Don’t know where to get them? We now offer authentic Blu-Ray cases here at Sunrise Packaging! You can visit our store at http://shop.sunpack.com.

Choosing a CD/DVD Case

You know that you need cases to package and store your CDs or DVDs, but do you know which case is the best fit for your needs? We came up with a few questions to help you analyze your situation, in order to determine which case is the best fit for you:

Are you looking for a standard size case to match the rest on the shelf or are you attempting to save space?

If you want your case to be the same size as a standard DVD case, there are a few options available for you:

  • Premium Quality. If you are lookingstock premium black dvd cases for a durable case that will last, the premium quality DVD case is for you.  This case is available in black or white in either one or two disc capacities.  Black cases are also available in four disc capacity. White cases are perfect for Wii gaming discs or wedding DVDs.  These cases feature literature clips and a clear overlay to display your artwork.  If you are looking for strong cases that will protect your discs, stick with the premium quality DVD cases.
  • Standard Quality. If you are looking for a case offered at a lower cost, the standard quality case is for you. This black case is available in either one or two disc capacities and features literature clips and a clear overlay to display artwork.
  • Blu-Ray. The new Blu-Ray technology is a much higher quality than the standard format. This needs to be displayed in the packaging by making it obvious that it is a Blu-Ray disc and showing the higher quality. stock blu-ray caseIt is the norm to package Blu-Ray discs in blue cases, so it is important to follow the trend. This will help to avoid confusing customers, as well as have it match the rest of the Blu-Ray cases in their collection.

If you are looking towards saving space with a thinner CD/DVD case, there are even more options:

Are you looking for a case to store CDs or DVDs?stock jewel cases

  • CDs are typically packaged in jewel cases or paper sleeves. It would be best to stick with these techniques to avoid confusing the customers. These come in more of a square shape, rather than the taller DVD cases. The jewel cases are clear to display artwork and can come with either a clear or a black inner tray. The paper sleeves have a clear acetate window to display thestock slim clear dvd cases disc and a flap to keep it from falling out.
  • If you are looking for a space-saving way to package and store your DVDs, there are clear, slim DVD cases in one or two disc capacities that are 7mm thick. If you are looking for an even smaller case, try stock slim clamshell cshell dvd casesclam-shells and square-shells, which are clear and only 4.2mm thick. Artwork can be displayed through all of these clear cases. Paper sleeves could also be used for DVDs if you are looking for your packaging to be especially thin.

Know what you want, but don’t know where you can get it? Sunrise Packaging now offers all of these styles of CD/DVD packaging! Visit our stock CD/DVD products page for more information or go to http://shop.sunpack.com/cd-dvd-albums.html

In-Car Blu-Ray Disc Player Available Soon?

Just this morning, Mitsubishi announced that they have a prototype of an in-car Blu-Ray disc player. The player is about 1/3 the size of standard in-home Blu-Ray disc player and is scheduled to launch in late 2009 or early 2010. The player will debut with their car navigation equipment. (no picture is available at this time) Read the full article.

Panasonic's in-dash blu-ray disc player

Panasonic's in-dash blu-ray disc player

Panasonic has also announced that they also have designed an in-car Blu-Ray player several years ago, but it has never been available for purchase.

Blu-ray aficionados will be glad to eliminate the need for multiple copies of movies in several formats.

Increases In Library Usage

Given the current economy, people are using libraries more than ever before. They are looking for any way to save money and are turning to the free resources that libraries provide.

increased library usage computersLibraries offer books, audio music and books, magazines, programs, computer services, the Internet, and even some DVDs all free of charge. It’s no wonder that so many people are using these free resources, rather than paying for the same thing.

Laura Dolce from seacoastonlone.com reported on several libraries in southern Maine that are having increased circulation of their collections. Several interesting numbers were cited in her report:

  • Huge increase in the number of people taking out books, DVDs and audio materials.
  • One library saw circulation from July to December of last year increase 8.5%
  • DVD usage has increased significantly.
  • The number of patrons using libraries regularly has increased also

Not only do libraries need to increase their collections to support this demand, but they may also need to replace their current DVD cases with more durable, long-lasting ones.

But libraries are not exempt from economic hardships. Costs are rising and budgets are tight. Libraries need to watch where they are spending their money. For this reason, it would be a good idea to invest in premium-quality DVD cases and durable audiobook cases for a reasonable cost. More use means that there will be more wear and tear on the cases. Therefore, libraries need cases that will last long, rather than having to replace them frequently.

Avoid Blu-Ray Confusion

The new Blu-Ray technology format can be confusing for some. While most know that it is a superior quality format to enhance the entertainment experience, not all may know that a specific player is required for it to work. Blu-Ray discs can only be played on Blu-Ray Disc players, Playstation® 3, or Blu-Ray Disc drives on computers. Blu-Ray discs cannot be played on DVD players. DVDs, however, will play on Blu-Ray Disc players. They just won’t look as nice as the high definition video available with Blu-Ray discs.

chungking express blu-ray caseSince Blu-Ray is different than DVDs and is not compatible with regular DVD players, there needs to be a way to differentiate these discs. Packaging can do that easily.

Many major studios have adopted blue cases for their Blu-Ray discs that are slightly different in size from standard black DVD cases.

Criterion, on the other hand, just released some of their titles on Blu-Ray, but not in the traditional Blu-Ray discs. They use standard black DVD cases with a small Blu-Ray credit on the back and a small blue sticker on the shrink wrap. The engadgetHD blog mentioned the different packaging on their movies. After reading some of the discussion, it seemed like many people were not happy with the standard black DVD cases. They found them confusing. It is harder to recognize on the shelf and some customers may accidentally buy the Blu-Ray version, rather than the standard version. Some did not like that the cases do not match up with their current Blu-Ray collections.signature blu-ray case

When customers see the signature blue Blu-Ray cases on the shelves, they know that they are purchasing a high definition movie. This is why it is important for Blu-Ray discs to be differentiated from standard DVDs. Avoid the mix-ups and confusion. Read more about our new Blu-Ray cases that will be available next week!

CD/DVD Packaging Solutions under 50 Cents!

Companies are looking to cut costs in any way possible. While quality should never be sacrificed for the sake of saving a few pennies, you can realize cost savings by packaging your product as efficiently as possible. Sunrise is a custom packaging manufacturer and we firmly believe in the added value of custom packaging. We also know there are some projects where a custom solution is just not in the budget. We would like to show you a variety of high-quality CD/DVD packaging options that are all available for less than 50 cents!

stock premium black dvd cases under 50 centsFirst off, there are the standard size 14mm black CD/DVD cases. These cases feature quick release hub prongs that are strong and durable. They can hold up to two discs and include literature clips to hold DVD booklets or artwork. These are also available in either premium or standard qualities. The premium model cases are made from partially virgin material to protect your discs, and they are machine-loadable. This can save an enormous amount of time by not having to insert everything by hand. There are also premium quality cases made from 100% raw material in white. This is a great option for weddings or to package Wii gaming discs!

stock clamshell cshell cd dvd cases under 50 centsThere are also slim CD/DVD cases being introduced if you would like to save space without giving up quality or protection. There are premium quality slim 7mm DVD cases, as well as clam-shell cases, square-shell cases. These cases are all clear to display the artwork on the discs.

And for only a few pennies a disc, paper sleeves with a window, protect your discs from damage and display its artwork too.

There are even more CD/DVD case options to choose from. There are premium quality jewel cases available in either the standard 10.4mm style or the 5.2mm style. These cases offer high protection to prevent damage to your CDs/DVDs, and the clear cover allows artwork to be displayed. The trays are available in either black or clear, whichever best suits your needs.

stock blu-ray cases under 50 centsLastly, using Blu-Ray cases is another low cost approach to packaging your discs. There is a higher perception value associated with Blu-Ray discs, which should be matched with premium packaging. As soon as the customers see the signature clear-blue packaging, they will know that they are getting the high-definition Blu-Ray discs that they desire.

In the coming year, budgets are going to be tighter. With that in mind, Sunrise Packaging is proud to announce the new stock CD/DVD case product line that is currently being launched. These cases will be available for less than 50 cents each and many are priced under 25 cents! The 14mm DVD cases are now available for order, and the rest of the product line will be launched in February. Visit http://shop.sunpack.com for more information.

Increasing Demand for Blu-Ray Technology

demand for blu-ray disc technologyImproved innovations and quality have increased demands for Blu-Ray technology. Blu-Ray Discs are read and written with a blue laser, rather than the red laser in the DVD format. The blue laser has a much shorter wavelength, which allows Blu-Ray Discs to store a substantial amount of more data than DVDs. Blu-Ray specifications call for a higher transfer rate of 36 Mbps (megabits per second) then DVD which is only 10 Mbps. This allows for faster recording time and it is expected to speed up even more in the future.

The qualities of Blu-Ray technologies have already proven themselves by defeating HD technology. Psystar’s president Rudy Pedraza claimed, “Blu-Ray has won the format war. Not only is there fully functional and mature support for Blu-Ray in other operating systems but you can now rent Blu-Ray discs from almost any rental chain. Blu-Ray has become pervasive technology that is being widely adopted by consumers everywhere.” There is a growing availability of Blu-Ray movies across the world. Ritek, one of the world’s leading optical disc makers, believes that BD-R discs will reach a crucial market size of 20 million units in 2009.

stock blu-ray disc case

Now that we know there is a growing demand for Blu-Ray Discs, what does this mean for packaging? Since Blu-Ray Discs are a different format than CDs/DVDs and are used in different drives, you may want to differentiate your Blu-Ray Disc packaging from your CD/DVD packaging to avoid confusing your customers. Many Blu-Ray Discs are packaged in a Blu-Ray case. These cases are much like DVD cases, but are typically a little shorter and come in a transparent electric blue color. Implementing this packaging idea could help your company meet the growing demand for Blu-Ray technology.

Which DVD Case is Best for You?

It is Friday night and you are gazing at the DVD shelf trying to decide which movie to watch for the night, but I doubt you are thinking about all of the different kinds of DVD cases that are available. DVD cases come in a variety of different sizes, grades, and colors. If you need to purchase DVD cases for your business or personal use, it is good to consider the different factors to decide which cases best meet your needs.

stock premium black dvd caseDVD cases are available in many different sizes. Typically, the standard DVD case has a depth of about 14mm. Some people may like the look of a smaller case better, or they may want to save on space or shipping. For those, there are options of 7mm or 5mm in depth.

There are also different grades of quality for DVD cases. There is a standard grade made out of recycled materials or a premium grade made out of 100% raw materials, which would last longer. There is even the option of cases made from a mixture of recycled and raw materials. Your choice depends on if you want to focus on price or durability. Some DVD cases are also machine grade, which means that they are machine loadable. This could save an enormous amount of time if you have a machine that can load the DVD’s in the cases for you. stock blu-ray disc case

The majority of DVD cases come in black, but you may want to invest in color to stand out on the shelf. Special occasions, such as weddings may prefer white cases over black cases. DVD cases may come in a variety of different colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, clear, frosted clear, white, or the traditional black. There is also the option of Blu-Ray cases if you would prefer that for Blu-Ray discs. Some video game cases may break easily, so there is the option of buying these DVD cases to replace them. Standard DVD cases are compatible with many video games, such as the Nintendo Wii.

Injection molding also allows suppliers to provide high-quality, durable DVD cases at a reasonable price. There are more options in choosing DVD cases than one might think. It is important to determine your needs and then figure out which DVD cases best suit your needs at a reasonable price.