Generation Z, The New Consumers

I’m sure you have heard of Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. But have you heard of Generation Z yet? These are people born between 1992 and 2010. They have witnessed 9/11, an economic recession, wars in Iraq, a growing environmentally friendly conscience, the first African American President, and a world that changes everyday. Some categorized in this generation are just learning how to walk and talk but yet they changing the way products are bought, services are used, and how communication works. This generation is very interesting because they have never known a life without personal computers, mobile phones, MP3 players, and the Internet. These are the true people within the digital age that are very comfortable with technology and are used to it changing.

The way this generation communicates is intriguing. Their main way of communicating is through mobile devices and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Marketing efforts via social media will be important in attracting this generation to become potential consumers of products and services. One thing marketers need to understand is that Generation Z’ers are not your typical consumers. They do not take well to branding initiatives, considering how everything around them changes so fast. They expect constant feedback and instant results, meaning marketers need to keep pace with these individuals. Creativity needs to be used to reach this generation. Marketers also need to be aware that one form of marketing to this generation will not be enough. They are notorious for being multi-taskers, which means they are checking multiple social network sites at once, or shopping online at more than one store. To reach these people, multiple outlets need to be used.

Generation Z will be a fun generation to market too. They already have a knack for technology, which will allow marketers to use creativity to attract this generation as potential consumers.

Blu-Ray Sales Boom and Prices Drop

Blu-Ray Disc Prices DropWe keep seeing proof that the trend of Blu-Ray technology is here to stay.  As the popularity grows, sales will go up and prices will go down.  This will allow the Blu-Ray technology to continue to penetrate the market.

According to High-Def Digest, 3.1 million Blu-Ray discs have sold in the UK since the start of the year…that’s about a 231 percent increase in sales!  Their DVD sales, on the other hand, only went down slightly by about 9.5 percent.

This week, Best Buy discounted a house brand Blu-Ray player, the Insignia Blu-Ray disc player with 1080p output to only $99.99.  Wal-Mart is also offering a deal under $100 with their Magnavox NB530MGX Blu-RayMagnavox Blu-Ray Player Low Price $98 player for only $98 as a permanent “rollback” from the previous $168 price.  At the same time, online retailer, Amazon, is offering a sale on Blu-Ray discs starting at $14.99 each.  According to NPD Group Inc., Blu-Ray player sales have increased  by 72 percent in the first quarter of 2009 in comparison to the first quarter of 2008.

With the growing Blu-Ray popularity and the increase in sales, we are starting to see the prices drop for Blu-Ray players and Blu-Ray discs.  As this happens, Blu-Ray is starting to become more affordable and available for most everyone.

Panasonic Offers First Portable Blu-Ray Player

We found more proof of the growing trend of Blu-Ray technology.  This month, Panasonic will be offering the first-ever portable Blu-Ray player, the Panasonic DMP-B15.

This 8.9-inch WSVGA screen portable Blu-Ray player features PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus technology to enhance the picture quality and color sharpness.  First ever Panasonic portable Blu-Ray playerIts quality and size makes it the perfect player for superior quality viewing on-the-go.  The two and a half hour rechargeable battery could last a whole trip as a portable Blu-Ray player, or you can plug it into your HDTV with a HDMI cable to use it as a stand-alone Blu-Ray player.  It also features a SD memory card slot to view digital photos or HD video files.  Now you don’t have to give up quality for portability!

Look for it in your favorite electronics store later this month, but blu-ray disc technologysince portable Blu-Ray players are new to the market, the price of the Panasonic DMP-B15 is starting out rather high with an SRP of $799.95, which may not be affordable for many.  But as the growing popularity of the Blu-Ray technology increases and more portable players are offered and purchased, we will see the price will start to drop.  Most importantly, as we start to see a product like this offered in stores and online, we are seeing that the Blu-Ray trend is not going away anytime soon.

Blu-Ray Sales Continue to Soar

There have been doubts about whether or not the high-quality Blu-ray format would succeed like DVDs did in the past. With the high costs of the technology and the worries of the shaky economy, many did not think that people would want to pay the price to switch over to Blu-ray.

blu-ray disc rising technologyThe numbers show differently, as revealed by Adams Media Research. Blu-ray sales so far in 2009 have nearly doubled the amount of Blu-ray sales from the same time last year. Q1 sales are around 9 million in 2009, compared to 4.8 million for Q1 of 2008. To go along with that, there is an estimated total of 10.5 million Blu-ray households to date. stock blu-ray cases

People know the value of the much better quality that the Blu-ray format provides, as it shows in the sales. They are willing to spend a little more for this, despite the struggling economy. Blu-ray discs need to stand out on the shelf and be differentiated from the standard DVDs. With high-quality Blu-ray cases, customers know that they are getting what they pay for–superior technology.