Bot Beverage Revamps Packaging To Target A New Market

enhanced water launched in 2007 as a kids beverage. It is a slightly sweet, low calorie flavored water that targeted mothers. Since its release, the beverage has been fully embraced by adults prompting a change in packaging. TDA Boulder gave the packaging a new look as Bot enhanced water has recently relaunched as an adult-targeted beverage.

The new bottle features a modern looking white dot pattern with a solid color background for each flavor. The design is simple gives the beverage a stronger shelf presence. The previous design featured a white background with different colored kid characters for each flavor. The names of the flavors also changed to appeal to an adult audience. Previous flavors were simple and general: grape, orange, berry, etc. The new flavors names include: concord grape, key lime, blue plum, valencia organge, and so on.

So whether you like the new or old design better, Bot Beverage made a great move. They recognized who was embracing their product and changed their packaging to appeal to a broader audience within their new target market.




Must-See Juice Packaging

Juice… many good flavors. It’s the beverage of choice for millions to accompany breakfast in the morning. But we’re going to take a look at some cool, creative juice packaging below. Whether it’s to attract children or adults, these eye-catching packaging designs are very imaginative and shows the impact custom packaging can have on a brand to differentiate and substantiate.

Company: Jooze (fictional)
Designer: Yunyeen Yong
Location: Australia

Company: Sweet Earth
Designer: Michael Mitzman
Location: Chicago

Company: Cambria Juices
Designer: Hangar Studio
Location: New York

Company: First Juice
Designer: Haley Johnson Design
Location: Minneapolis

As we look into the package design of these different juices, we see that they all have something unique to say about the beverage that is inside. Jooz is fresh while Sweet Earth and First Juice are playful. The carton for Cambria has a sophisticated look that appears to market the locality of the product.

Packaging is a powerful extension of the product inside especially since it is the first impression of a brand for the consumer. No matter the industry, putting thought and energy into your packaging is a very effective marketing tool that can definitely contribute to the bottom line.

It’s Gonna Be A Good Year

How about this for creative packaging? A wine label completely unglued to the bottle itself attached by a rubber band. Why? Because it’s a poster!

2010 is the name of the wine and it has a very positive outlook on the year. The poster reads “Got a feeling it’s gonna be a good year”. After the wine is finished, hang the poster on your wall or refrigerator and return the wine bottle. Now don’t quote me but according to the 2010 Minnesota Recycling Refund Act, each returned bottle accounts for 10 cents. You do the math….it’s gonna be a good year!

Designed by Bendita Gloria Studio

It’s What’s Outside That Counts

One function of packaging is describing what’s inside. Here are a few fun, clever examples that demonstrate this function.

Hot Dog: A coffee shop called TrueCoffee expanded their food range to a quick bite hot dog. They wanted hot dog packaging to attract teenagers and this is what Bangkok-based designer Subconscious came up with. The unique characteristic of the food was that it’s hot all the time.

Swell Drinks: The Ruiz Company in Barcelona came up with a great way to show the fruit combination in their new line of smoothies. Simple and unique.

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