To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I will admit that I finally signed up for Twitter a week ago, so I am a few years behind. I didn’t really understand the importance of Twitter until I hopped on the bandwagon. I was confused by all the hash marks and other symbols, that I didn’t recognize how powerful Twitter is as a business and marketing tool. Using 140 characters or less, Twitter can help any business promote and share its marketing efforts to a vast amount of people. Since Twitter is one of the largest social media outlets in the world, it has also become a new form of communication. Twitter is used to share content. Businesses want to share content to attract potential customers. So here’s a crazy idea: businesses can share their content on Twitter to attract customers to their company.

Twitter may seem confusing at first, but it is actually easy to use and provides many benefits to businesses.

Here are some of the benefits Twitter can bring to businesses:

  • Free and easy to set up
  • Can impact search rankings
  • Drive traffic to your business website
  • Can be used check competitors accounts to see what they are sharing and who they are following
  • Target the people you want to target in relation to your business
  • Twitter search allows you to follow relevant conversations, trends, and people
  • Hear feedback about your business from the content you share and conversations you start

Those are just a few benefits Twitter provides for businesses and marketers. Twitter also allows you to unleash your creative side. You can customize your profile, add a picture, and create a descriptive bio. Creativity combined with interesting and knowledgeable tweets will allow any business to be successful on Twitter. So the question is: to tweet or not to tweet? I will let you decide.

Innovative and Versatile: The Digipak

Digipaks are becoming a popular option for CD/DVD packaging. They are an attractive and unique way to showcase products and artwork. People all over the world are switching to digipaks because of the versatility they offer. Digipaks can be customized to fit any type of design. They also have many benefits that make digipaks a great option for media packaging. Digipaks are not your ordinary packaging for CDs and DVDs and are being used by many for a variety of different things.

8 Benefits of Digipaks:

1. Two Products in One: Fuses parts of a jewel case and cardboard together.

2. Eco-friendly: They are made from recycled materials and use less plastic than traditional jewel cases.

3. Quality: Digipaks are made from high quality materials and are less resistance to breaking or cracking.

4. Display Capabilities: Images are easier to print on digipaks and graphics can be put anywhere. They can be UV coated or matte finished; both providing the digipak with a luxury finish.

5. Multi-disc options: Digipaks are not limited to only holding one disc. They can be made to hold as many discs as your project requires.

6. Customization: Digipaks are classified by the number of panels. A panel being a one sided square that is apart of the digipak.  They can have as little as 2 and as many as 8 panels. They can be customized by adding pockets, folds, and booklets. They have various places for printing options as well. There are many possibilities and options available.

7. Marketing Included: Since digipaks have the ability to contain more graphic display, marketing efforts are lengthened. The marketing message that is to be delivered can be done on the digipak, increasing the message’s reach.

8. Creativity Has no Boundaries: Digipaks are a fun way to express a creative side. They have to ability to showcase anything that  comes to mind. Whether you use only black and white or the colors of the rainbow, a multitude of graphics or just a few, a digipak will portray the idea you have and give it life.