Baby Carrots Put on Their Helmets

When I hear the words baby carrots I think of a healthy snack or food a rabbit would eat. I have never associated baby carrots with football or humor. Well Bolthouse Farms, in conjunction with the growers alliance ‘A Bunch of Carrot Farmers’, are trying to reposition how baby carrots are viewed by consumers. This alliance has decided to promote baby carrots as a snack that is convenient by using packaging that playfully mocks other snack food marketing tactics. The campaign “eat ’em like junk food” has put humor and energy into this marketing strategy. If you read our blog post from September 29th, 2010, you will see how this has started and grown.

Since we have entered football playoff season, the campaign has been taken one step further. They have created football themed packaging that will capitalize on the enthusiasm and excitement of the playoffs and the idea that snacking is a popular thing to do while watching the games. The goal is to encourage consumers to give up eating regular junk food and eat healthier foods.

So when you start to plan your playoff and super bowl parties, keep your eyes open for the clever football themed packaging.

EXTREME… Baby Carrots?

I don’t know about you, but when I think of extreme I think of sky diving,  bungee jumping, mountain climbing; anything where a serious injury is a possibility. Carrots are one of the last things to come to mind.

But that isn’t stopping “A Bunch of Carrots Farmers” from launching their baby carrot campaign.
The group is launching a campaign called “Eat em like junk food!” The commercials are pretty funny and are obvious parodies of other junk foods you can buy like chips and candy.  The question is, Is witty packaging and commercials enough to encourage people to give up actual junk food for healthy food hiding behind junk food packaging? In the next few months we will be keeping tabs on the results and post them here for you to see.

For the time being extreme baby carrots is at least making the headlines all over the internet.

You can view one of the ads here: