Combination: Turned Edge Blister Packaging

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This is a turned edge product that carefully and strategically utilizes custom thermoformed blister packaging in order to create a unique and comprehensive packaging solution. An informative piece that covers the benefits and uses of crops from Minnesota Grain in Eagan, this packaging solution is not only a great marketing piece, but it provides the recipient with real time samples of each item in order to recognize and truly learn about what they have to offer. They say in order to make money you have to spend money, and in this case, Minnesota Grain has done that by making a solid investment in educating their clientele and potential buyers. The thermoformed plastic acts as a blister with the turned edge flat, making it possible to show a variety of grain samples. The placement of each blister is in line with the accompanying descriptive text. As both a turned edge manufacturer and custom thermoformer, we love projects like this that use our strengths!

Permavue™ Formed Album with Turned Edge

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Our customizable Permavue albums are an extremely versatile packaging item that offers the best of thermoforming and turned edge manufacturing! A custom formed album adhered to rigid turned edge gives our clients the opportunity to apply their design to the exterior of the album. With a lamination of either gloss or matte finish, this piece gives a high end, professional feel for an otherwise simple or mundane item. We like to be able to combine our manufacturing processes and the Permavue album does just that! We manufacture both the turned edge flats and the thermoformed interior here in house! With a large sealing department, we heat seal the two main pieces together to create a compact album that can hold up to 30 disc pages. We offer a few different plastic materials to choose from, choose from white or black in order to coordinate with your artwork. The best part about using thermoforming in this album is that the specifications of the tooling are so specific that it creates a way to firmly shut the album without any extra closure needs. The album, when shut fits perfectly snug and protects all of the discs inside!

Thermoformed Window: NetBox™ View

NetBox View Circle While our turned edge products don’t always make it onto our thermoforming blog, our latest addition to the customizable, cigar-style Netbox™ is a thermoformed window that adds display with rigid protection. Made with a rigid PVC material, unlike other clear windowing that uses flexible PVC, the NetBox™ View from Sunrise Packaging combines turned edge and thermoforming manufacturing processes to offer our clients even more packaging options and custom features to make a completely unique and representative product. The thin gauge PVC material is formed to the desired size and shape of the window in the top of the turned edge box. This way, this “tray” is placed in the die-cut turned edge flat in order to lay flush with the covering surface area. NetBox View RectangleThis extra step in planning and production adds accuracy and attention to detail; of which any high-end client would take notice. For more information about the NetBox™ with a View, visit the webpage or contact us directly!

Plastic Webkey Case

Custom Thermoformed USB CaseThis thermoformed package was made specifically for a customized webkey. Not to be confused with a flash drive, a webkey is a small device with a standard USB that brings the user to a designated landing page or website. When we provide USBs, flash drives, or webkeys to our customers, they are most often packaged in die-cut foam. This option is quick, economical, and great for large one-time production runs. However, for repeat business, it works out better for our clients to opt for a thermoformed plastic tray. Once tooling charges and production is out of the way, everything else becomes extremely affordable the larger the production runs are. Note how specific the formed plastic is in this photo example- this packaging piece held a metal webkey and enclosed it in a secure closure that is formed into the case.


Benefits of Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging solutions bring a lot of benefits to the table in all realms of product packaging. The adaptability and display benefits alone allow plastic to be the chosen resource that can fulfill a wide variety of needs in different market environments. There are different plastic polymers that are specifically suited for certain applications. By doing research and selecting the appropriate polymer, you guarantee safety. In order for packaging to be considered useful, it basically needs to deliver a product from the manufacturing organization to the individual customer- all other stops in between are secondary. Especially with clear plastic packaging, whether they are clamshells cases or printed blister packs, plastics are capable of bringing home more product with less packaging. Thermoformed plastic is lightweight, environmentally sound, and uses the actual product to display what the consumer is purchasing. The malleability of thin gauge plastic alone is a major benefit to product suppliers and manufacturers.

Stock Clamshells: Save Money and Time

stock thermoformed packagingAs a custom manufacturer, we thrive on the idea of creating new, exiting, unique solutions to perfectly fit our customers’ needs and product dimensions. However, it is still imperative that we make options available for small quantities and standardized sizes.



thermoformed clamshellsThis is exactly why our new stock clamshell program is a step in the right direction. By supplying our customers with a few stock options to choose from, we save them money and time. Available in a variety of sizes, stock clamshells do not require tooling or extra material purchasing. We simply find the right size for you and get the quantity you need ready to be fulfilled. As a turnkey solutions provider, we are able to fulfill, seal, and ship the order to your needs.

Carton and Blister Pack Combination

custom formed packagingThe goal for thermoformed packaging for this ShockSuit cell phone case was to not only catch the consumer’s attention but to communicate the durability and distinction of a dependable product. Packaging design engineers wanted to steer clear of the standard packaging solutions that they often used in the past and see in other product packaging. To change up their common packaging avenues, they decided to employ a combination of a carton board package with the display capabilities of a thermoformed blister package. Once all of the printed and formed components were prepared, the assembly included heat sealing and trapping the blister to secure the package together.

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Secure Cards with Plastic Packaging

plastic blister packOf all the packaging benefits that thermoformed plastic product have to offer, security is by far one of the most prized features. For retailers and manufacturers, custom thermoformed plastic packaging enhances the product’s shelf presence, but it also protects the item form external factors. A common product that benefits from thermoformed blister packaging is gift cards and credit cards. Plastic blisters offer secure plastic card packaging by displaying what the item looks like, but also protecting the valuable information it holds. Thin gauge thermoforming for small items like plastic cards can be extremely economical for purchasing and lightning fast turnaround for the manufacturer. While tooling for the item presents an initial investment, the custom tool will pay for itself after successful sales and multiple runs.

Medical/Pharmaceutical Packaging

Medical and pharmaceutical thermoformed packaging is a market that isn’t going away anytime soon. Due to material requirements and health standards, thermoformed plastic packaging solutions are the most common choice for pharmaceuticals and medical devices (blisters, clamshells, etc.) . While not all products require sterilization in the packaging process, thermoformed trays and clamshells are perfect for this application as well. Along with compliance of health standards and secure closures, sustainability has become a growing concern for eco-conscious businesses. You may think that with an overlap of so many requirements would limit the potential for innovative design but it is just the opposite. Pharmaceutical packaging (especially for over-the-counter meds) can still be creative and daring. Designers and packaging engineers take into account the following factors: color, texture, shape/size, carton, and of course, compliance. Blog Source: Plastic Ingenuitymedical thermoforming

Vacuum and Pressure Forming

At Sunrise Packaging, we use a combination of vacuum and pressure forming when we manufacture thermoformed plastic packaging products. Thermoforming simply refers to the application of heat to thermoplastic in order for it to take the shape of the mold, however there is much more to it than that. That is where a vacuum forming process comes into play. Mostly used for parts with shallow depth, a vacuum is used to assist the plastic material into the mold so it can be thermoformed evenly. A tool called a plug assist is also used and pressure is applied, which is where the term pressure forming comes from. If only one of these methods are used, the plastic is at risk of bunching up and creating an inferior product.

Vacuum Forming