Case Study: The VBS Eco Binder

Renew: The VBS Eco Binder

It’s hard not to stop and look twice at this eco binder. It’s imaginative design and eco-friendliness combine to create a green look all of its own. Used as a program guide for Renew: The Green VBS, its creators wanted to make a statement on environmental stewardship.

Sunrise Packaging found a great solution for the customer that not only included an eco-friendly look, it demonstrated sustainable packaging. The eco binder is made out of 100% recycled chipboard and is silk screened with UV inks that contain no solvents making it 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle. The ring metals can easily be removed and recycled through a local scrap metal recycler. Sunrise Packaging can customize your eco-binder to catch the attention of your audience.

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Back to School Ideas

The summer is coming to an end and school will be starting soon…How did the time pass so fast?

The following is a list of tips and hits to make the back-to-school transition easier.

  • Start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier to getting used to the schedule.
  • Stock up on the variety of breakfast foods.  Don’t forget that breakfast is the most important meal.
  • If your child is new to the school visit the school before the first day to become familiar with where everything is.
  • Check out Green Seal’s list of green office supplies.

Eco-Binders: Tested and Approved

Sure biodegradable Eco-Binders sound like a great idea for the environment, but I bet you’re wondering if they will actually last or if they will simply just fall apart on you. You should not have to give up durability in order to be environmentally-friendly, so we decided to put our Eco-Binders to the test.

eco-binders environmentally-friendlyOne of our Client Relations Representatives, Kelly Jo, took one of each of our paperboard Eco-Binders home for her kids to use for the school. Day after day, all semester long, these binders were thrown around and squished in backpacks–we all know how kids treat their homework.

With this kind of handling, would our Eco-Binders be able to compare to plastic binders and last the semester?

So how did they turn out? As you can see, the Eco-Binders, with some added artwork, went through plenty of wear and tear. Some of the edges were starting to tear after so much use, but they were able to last strong through the whole semester.

cardboard eco-bindersWe were happy to hear that our Eco-Binders lasted through the handling of Kelly Jo’s middle school kids, but we wondered how they could be even stronger.

A new idea was to make binders from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard. These would be even harder to destroy, while still being good to the environment.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to give up durability in order to be environmentally friendly.

Things To Think About When Building Loose Leaf Binders

Loose leaf binders are a great way to present and organize information. Salespeople regularly carry binder to hold product information and other materials they need to be effective. Teachers and students rely on binders to protect their work. Businesses use binders to store documents.

STEP 1: Depending on your need, there are many types of binders to choose from:

Clear overlay binders are versatile and customizable for smaller projects

Clear overlay binders are versatile and customizable for smaller projects

Clear Overlay Binders are a cost-effective, convenient binder that can be used for many projects. When you need a binder, you create and print out cover and spine identification and put them in place. For projects that require only a few binders or when each binder is completely unique, clear overlay binders are a great choice.

Screen printed binders are great for simple artwork and larger quantities.

Screen printed binders are great for simple artwork and larger quantities.

Screen Printed Vinyl or Poly Binders are great for presentation materials, directories, catalogs and manuals when the cover artwork is not complex and does vary much from binder to binder. Screen printing is most cost-effective when you need 1200 or fewer binders. The cover artwork will be the same on each binder and with poly or vinyl binders you can have a clear pocket sealed to the outside cover or spine that will let you customize or identify the contents inside.

Offset printed turned-edge binders are an elegant choice!

Offset printed turned-edge binders are an elegant choice!

Offset Printed and Turned-Edge Binders are an elegant option for your most important projects or when you need a large number of binders. The outside cover can be almost any material you want. And when you incorporate offset printing, the graphics can be very detailed. Offset printing is the most expensive type of printing and is most cost effective when you need a minimum of 1000 binders. You get the greatest latitude for customizing the covers with turned-edge binders. The cover can be made from a variety of materials like:

  • Paper
  • Cloth or canvas
  • Vinyl or poly
  • Metal or foil
  • Leather, bonded leather, or faux leather
Printed or unprinted, eco-binders protect and organize your materials while also protecting the Earth!
Printed or unprinted, eco-binders protect and organize your materials while also protecting the Earth!

Eco-Binders can be offset printed, screen printed, or undecorated. They help you demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Premium eco-binders are made from sturdy chipboard construction and have either a curved or flat spine. Lightweight eco-binders are made from white or natural coverstock paper. Your materials are organized and protected in binders that help protect the Earth!

STEP 2: Once you’ve determined they type of binder and the best printing method, there are other considerations to making the exact binder to fit your needs.

How much material the binder needs to hold. The number of pages and other materials the binder needs to hold will determine the size of the ring metal your binder needs. A good rule of thumb is that each 1/2” holds about 100 pages of standard copy paper. Ring metals start as small as ½” and come as large as 4”. They are measured from the base to the widest diameter of the inside of the ring.

different kinds of ring metals comparison

Even greater capacity are found in qua can vin and Trojan expandable mechanisms:

trojan expandable mechanisms trojan expandable mechanisms

What type of use will the binder be made for? Binders are made for many different environments and usage. Some binders are opened only a few times a year, others are referred to every day. Some binders sit on a shelf and are not taken from place to place. Other Binders need to be transported and are carried in a briefcase, bag or backpack. When you describe how your binder is to be used, we choose the materials and construction methods that will create a binder that will last as long as you need it to.

Add pockets so your binders do more

Add pockets so your binders do more

What else does the binder holdbesides paper?

  • Does the binder need to hold a business card or two?
  • What about a CD or DVD?
  • How about pamphlets or other materials?

You can have standard sized or specially shaped pockets added to the inside covers of your binder for holding loose objects

Pockets or foam CD/DVD hubs can be added to hold discs. Even if you have a VHS tape or audio cassette that goes with your printed materials, we can add pockets or trays to securely hold tapes too.

Pockets, trays and hubs can add functionality to your 3-ring binder to fit your exact situation and your unique needs.

What color should the binder be? Clear overlay binders usually come in white and black. Screen printed binders are usually vinyl or poly and they can come in many different colors to compliment your artwork. Turned-edge binders can be made from many different types of materials in just about any color and texture that will evoke the response you want to generate.

Background colors can really add a punch!

Background colors can really add a punch!

What specialty decorations your binder needs? You cover can be decorated using a variety of specialty decoration methods like: foil stamping, embossing, debossing, tip-ons, lenticular printing, and appliqué. Lamination can be glossy or matte lamination depending on the look you want. We can spot screen print or spot laminate to draw the eye to a particular feature of your cover artwork.

Depending on your needs, there is a clear overlay or custom binder that will serve your needs and your materials. Sunrise Packaging is your binder solution expert!