Happy Earth Day 2011

Today is the day we honor our home planet and bring awareness to environmental causes, hoping to inspire and educate people to act eco-friendly. The first Earth day was in 1970 and since then over 175 countries celebrate our planet and promote environmentalism. This year Earth Day has been centered around a campaign called A Billion Acts Of Green. This is personal, organizational, and corporate pledges to live and act in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. This campaign is the largest environmental service campaign in the world and is constantly gaining individuals, companies, and governments committed to taking their part in helping the environment. Whether an individual decides to take an initiative and create a change or a corporation decides to create sustainability in their company, A Billion Acts of Green welcomes an sort of help in reducing carbon emissions and helping the Earth.

This campaign shows how people can take their part in protecting our planet. Every bit of help counts. When individuals and organizations make commitments to better our environment, possibilities for success are endless. Cooperation and dedication are portrayed when millions come together to support a cause.

Other elements of Earth Day 2011 include:

-Athletes for the Earth: Voices of Olympic and professional athletes speak out to help the environment
-The Canopy Project: Deals with the restocking of existing forests and woodlands which have been depleted from the effect of deforestation
-Green Schools: Helping schools become eco-friendly
-Women and Green Economy (WAGE): Encouraging women leaders to develop ways to green our economy
-Creating Climate Wealth: Finding ways to solve the concern about climate change
-Arts for the Earth: Honor environmental artists who have made art that has brought sustainability to our world

Happy Earth Day!

Introducing the Color of 2011: Honeysuckle

If you recall from our blog post from last year that was posted around this time, turquoise was the color of 2010. Pantone Color Institute has made honeysuckle the color of 2011. This color is said to be courageous, optimistic, and vital. It has the essence of braveness for this brave new world and year we are in. The bold spirit of the color should lift and carry everyone through the year. This color embodies the idea that we can face everyday troubles with verve and vigor and encourages us to be confident as we meet challenges in our everyday lives.

This is what Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute had to say about the color. “In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating and stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going, perfect to ward off the blues.”

Honeysuckle can be found everywhere this year in places like the fashion industry, the home improvement sector, and packaging. Honeysuckle is a flattering hue in fashion that is guaranteed to produce a healthy glow for both men and women. Accessories and cosmetics are also capturing the essence that honeysuckle produces. Don’t be surprised if you see honeysuckle appear down the aisle. The dynamic reddish pink of honeysuckle is a rich color that many brides are incorporating into their weddings. Paint, pillows, bedspreads, and even small appliances are getting a makeover with honeysuckle. It adds a lively flair to interior spaces. Honeysuckle is also an excellent packaging color for products. It gives a festive and active look and is a great shade for food or drink packaging.

Keep your eyes peeled for honeysuckle this year. Hopefully it brightens everyone’s 2011!

To learn more check out Pantone.

Top Packaging Trends for 2011

As 2010 comes to an end, and a new year is about to begin, many things in our world are about to change. The packaging industry, for example, is expecting changes for 2011. As technology advances rapidly, a push for sustainability is expected to grow. The possibilities for the packaging industry are endless for 2011 with new innovations becoming present everyday.

Here are the top trends for 2011:

1. The attraction of design: The purpose of design is to communicate with the consumer and entice them to purchase. Understanding the customer and what they want is the key to this trend.

2. The color of 2011 is green: Demand for eco-friendly and sustainable options in packaging is increasing. Consumers are more apt to buy products made from eco-friendly materials and/or eco-friendly practices and processes. Energy saving, water saving, material reduction, and recyclability are just a few examples of how eco-friendliness is getting incorporated in the packaging industry. The idea is to lessen their impact on the environment and look for innovative ways to do so.

3. Robots are coming: Automated technology is always improving. The ability for this technology to be used in the packaging industry helps to improve production and lower costs.

4. A digital world calls for digital printing: Digital printing is a method of printing that is done from a digital based image. This process allows for shorter production runs, flexibility, and rapid turnaround. Digital printing will increase in versatility and application in 2011.

5. These aren’t your average tags: Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses communication via radio waves to exchange data between a reader and an electronic tag attached to an object. The purpose of these tags is to identify and track. It provides security and authenticity. This will be a common feature on packages. QR codes and M Tags are new applications that are becoming apart of packaging. These tags are a different type of tag that incorporate mobile phones and allows businesses to increase exposure.

6. Customization is key: Companies are looking for ways to set themselves apart from others. That is where customization comes into play. Packaging is the first thing a customer sees when buying a product. Unique packaging allows a business to grasp the attention of customers. By having the option to customize packaging, companies have a million possibilities at their disposal.

The new year holds positive trends for the packaging industry as well as a positive outlook. The packaging industry continues to grow and has a world of potential for 2011.