Trelleborg Offshore, a global engineering group with leading positions based on advanced polymer technology and in-depth applications, is launching a high-performance Syntac T-max syntactic material that will allow for better mold control in the thermoforming process of creating blister packs.

The material is made of a Teflon-impregnated syntactic foam with a composite plug-assist material that is used for processes that require high-temperature material with superior slip and release properties.

Currently, Trelleborg Offshore produces material at sites in Mansfield, Mass., and Skelmeresdale, England.

Jim Payton, sales manager, said Syntac T-max brings consumers another first-class solution to meet their changing needs of Trelleborg Offshore. The new Syntac T-max boasts good abrasion-resistant properties and can run to a maximum temperature of 450° F. The material was designed for both uses on sheet-fed and heavy-gauge thermoforming.

Also presented at NPE2012, was Trelleborg Offshore’s tough Eccolite Ultra syntactic composite material which has a formulation that conducts ductility with low thermal expansion at temperatures up to 392° F.

The Eccolite Ultra has the toughness to meet strict standards for thermoforming plastic materials and is within U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations for its use in food packaging said Will Ricci, sales manager for Trelleborg Offshore, said

Eccolite Ultra also allows machinists to run complex details to high cycles that create chill or swirl marks or break plugs. Shop dust is also kept to a minimum because when machined, the materials ribbons or chips when being machined.

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Source: Plastics News