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Swivel Drives


Economical. The Swivel Drive is the best value when it comes to customized USB drives. A simple, yet elegant feat of engineering, it offers users the combination of a cool, futuristic look with a fun, tactile interaction. After all, moving parts and hidden components are the hallmark of a great gadget, right?


Durable. Metal casing fitted to soft-touch plastic body ensures a sturdy buffer around the business end of your flash drive, protecting the interface from damage, and adding just enough heft to anchor it snugly in your pocket, gym bag, or purse.


Concise. Even with these features, the Swivel Drive is an exercise in tight, no-waste packaging. No cap to lose, no fluff or filigree, and yet plenty of room to be personalized with your pertinent information.


Customizable. With the ability to both screen-print and digitally-print on either side of the swivel drive, no quality will be lost to your logo, phone number, or any other visually-sensitive details. Epoxy-doming and embossing are also available.


Modern. Unlike the pen or key-chain, or any other novelty convention swag, a custom USB drive can be loaded with info, that can automatically display your images, mp3s, video, or scripts. Or how about being sure your info can’t be deleted? With a portion of space included with your order, and the option to include even more, you can deliver a veritable portfolio of content to your audience–try fitting that on a business card.


Memorable. Whether you’re an author looking for a unique way to distribute your latest novel, an independent musician looking to hook a producer, or a business owner looking to make a splash at tradeshow, a personalized flash drive sends the message that you’re tech savvy while also rewarding your potential client with a something functional–everyone can always use a little space, am I right?


For even more of a splash, place the drive in customized packaging. Or better yet, let us do it for you! With the Flash Pad, your personalized USB drive can be nestled in foam, set inside a booklet with even more images and info.



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