RecyclePlastic[1]One of the biggest trends in the plastic packaging industry today is eco-friendliness, and that comes as no surprise. Consumers are highly interested in sustainable plastic packaging, even concerned about sustainability and the purchasing choices they make. Due to their demands in the retail market, packaging companies (including Sunrise Packaging) have had to improve their methods, designs, and materials. Recyclability and reusability are the top features that are beneficial to the consumer, so it is up to the packaging provider to develop packaging that is easy to reuse or recycle by the average person’s standards. To attain this standard in your retail packaging source, look for suppliers with recycled or recyclable materials. Also, packaging companies with in house tooling give you the opportunity to create a custom package which could include a locking or reseal able feature. By offering an added benefit, you increase the value of your product and gain a consistent consumer following.

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