Stonyfield Farm has announced its switch from petroleum-based plastic to plant-based (PLA) plastic in their packaging. The PLA plastic packaging is derived from corn and is the first plant-based container in the yogurt industry. After researching the life cycle of their packaging, Stonyfield Farm concluded that PLA is a better option than petroleum-based plastic in terms of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable packaging has been a huge push in the last few years with Wal-Mart leading the charge. By downsizing packaging, Wal-Mart hopes to cut down on consumer waste and reduce its global packaging 5% by 2013.

Stonyfield yogurt packs are not compostable or recyclable yet because there is only one facility in the US that recycles PLA. Stonyfield hopes to help change that by having other companies follow their transition into plant-based PLA plastics.

PLA packaging has also been in the news lately as Sun Chips changed their snack bags to PLA before changing them back due to consumer complaints of the bags being too noisy. You can read more on that here.

Stonyfield Farm has posted a video that explains more about their switch to PLA plastic packaging.

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