With all of this buzz about Twitter and social media, it’s hard to decifer exactly how or why we should use them as marketing mediums. We know social media isn’t a trend but it’s new and hard to quantify its relation to our bottom line. To even make a strong commitment to a social media marketing strategy, it’s difficult to visualize the opportunities of these social universes. It’s fantastic to run across research data like the following to help us understand the magnitude of social media.

Research by internet marketing firm Hubspot shows that once a B2C company has more than 100 followers on Twitter, its monthly lead generation dramatically improves. 101-500 followers is the lead “Sweet spot”.

A B2C company with 1-20 followers will generate an average of 11 leads per month while the average grows 27% to 14 leads with 21-100 Twitter followers. The most significant lead growth happens when a B2C company enters the 100-500 range of Twitter followers. At that point the lead average growth is 146% or 35 leads.

However, according to the research, lead growth does not grow after 500 followers. B2C companies with 501 or more Twitter followers report an 8.6% decrease in leads to 32. Hubspot suggests that this is due to the challenge of growing engaged followers. Engaged followers will retweet content to their own followers and be more active in general in following the company.

B2C companies who use Twitter generate two times more leads overall than companies who do not have a Twitter account. These results stay consistent relative to company size. Hubspot recommends that B2C companies use Twitter to build relationships with individuals who prefer shorter content to build their Twitter reach by following companies related to their industry. These are the users who are most likely to be engaged followers.

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