custom setup boxWhen everyone gets swept up in holiday cheer, many brands take the opportunity to capitalize on the excitement of the season. Whether the brand fits the season or it takes some maneuvering, all businesses can benefit from seasonal offerings and special editions. So here we are in the middle of the Christmas season and brands are taking off with holiday packaging opportunities. With custom manufacturing, you can find a creative way to make the season fit your brand and product offering. Whether that entails a specialty gift set, seasonally exclusive product, or even just a festive design to catch the eye of your consumer– adapting your brand to the season is a win-win, and it can be so fun!

Holiday season or not, here are some helpful tips from Packaging World to stay noticed with your retail packaging solutions:

1. Engage your audience: Create something that shoppers will not only notice, but will also talk about, laugh about, and best of all, care about enough to want to buy.

2. Stay true to your brand: Build long-term equity, not just short-term sales boosts, by figuring out a connection that seems authentic, not hokey.

3. Be controversial: Whether it’s the holiday you select for your brand or what you do with that holiday tie-in, go for it and push the envelope. A little controversy can go a long way.

4. Create an idea with longevity:  Get consumers excited about your season, create buzz around your brand, and make them look forward to and anticipate next year’s offering.

5. Spare no expense: Graphics and structure matter, so dream big with a unique structural package and proprietary graphics that take your package to the next level.


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