packaging  solutionsInnovators in the packaging industry all strive for win-win packaging solutions. The best scenario is when a product contributes to consumer safety, product protection, consumer convenience as well as the reduction of carbon emissions. Doing all of these things while simultaneously reducing cost is a win-win for all parties involved. Some folks in the industry consider these situations unrealistic, but the reality is some developments in new closure technology are powering many of these win-win packaging innovations. Indeed, perhaps the main barrier holding back innovations that meet multiple needs is the fact that all too often there has been insufficient focus on the whole pack design – container and closure – from the outset. The use of a foil seal inside a cap to provide tamper evidence is one example of a win-win closure. Such a development removes the need for a tamper band, which allows knurling around the next to be removed. Furthermore, these closures allow for a lighter cap and lower neck profile, which allows for the reconstruction of blown containers, meaning potential weight savings of between 25 and 40%. In yet another win-win this cuts costs as well as carbon emissions throughout the production chain. Win-wins also enable global roll-outs – they allow a single pack to reduce the threat of counterfeiting in markets where this is a major problem, such as the Far East, while simultaneously offering environmental benefits in markets where there is high demand for ‘green’ packaging, such as Western Europe and North America. Whether it’s retailers, brands, or consumers, our industry can ensure that everyone wins.

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