Sales kits and presentation materials come in all shapes and sizes. From boxes to binders, to presentational backboards, packaging solutions and presenting materials are most effective with your unique product and style in mind. Differentiate from your competitors’ pitches by being confident that you are about to show them something they’ve never seen before! Shown above is a variety of ways to present your product. First, you could provide them with a kit. A small token of your appreciation of their time. The goal of a sales kit is not only to give them a “gift”, but to give them an opportunity to grow by utilizing your services. You could also go a more informational route that is compact, presentable, yet to the point. Something like our Permavue or a small turned edge album that holds the item securely with sufficient information for them to implore. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you conduct business and bring in sales, just make sure that your solution is complementary to what you offer and presents your brand in a thorough and recognizable fashion.

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