The company Rivet & Sway is the first online eyewear boutique that caters exclusively to women. To promote their brand and line of products, they have put together a home-try-on packaging that gives women five different style options to try on before choosing the look for them. The great thing about the size of the whole package is that it can be accommodated by any standard USPS mailbox.  Along with the sample kit, Rivet & Sway has also finalized the final purchase packaging that include a hard protective case for the new glasses. Pictured here is the sample pack that holds five pairs of glasses, each in their own box, and put together in a large box that ties the set together. Custom artwork with gold foil distinguishes the brand and creates a presentable option for shoppers. While not clear from this picture, the large box denotes the name of each pair style with a clean foil stamp. rivetandaway


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