Design is one of the most discussed aspects of packaging for business. A well developed and executed design can make the success or failure of a retail product in a competitive environment. Here are the top 3 common principles of sales effective design explained thoroughly in an article from Packaging World:

1) Stand out- seems obvious enough, right? In a retail environment, your packaging solution is the last line of persuasion before the final purchase is made. It is no longer enough to simply be creative, it is necessary to be bold and groundbreaking as well, pulling out all the stops to finalize a sale.

2) Organize your info- most shoppers are in a hurry! If you have important information that is useful to the consumer, make it obvious. Yes, there are probably a lot of things you would like people to know about your product before they buy it, but you only have a couple seconds to get them to decide. According to this article, it is important to present a clear hierarchy of the most important information to accommodate to a shopper’s hectic schedule.

3) Compete- use differentiation to your advantage, but don’t stop there. Yes it is important to express your individuality as a product, but it is even better to show why your differentiation is the customer’s benefit. Make it easy to choose your product, shoppers are bombarded with choices and information, so choose wisely the story your packaging needs to tell.

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