enhanced water launched in 2007 as a kids beverage. It is a slightly sweet, low calorie flavored water that targeted mothers. Since its release, the beverage has been fully embraced by adults prompting a change in packaging. TDA Boulder gave the packaging a new look as Bot enhanced water has recently relaunched as an adult-targeted beverage.

The new bottle features a modern looking white dot pattern with a solid color background for each flavor. The design is simple gives the beverage a stronger shelf presence. The previous design featured a white background with different colored kid characters for each flavor. The names of the flavors also changed to appeal to an adult audience. Previous flavors were simple and general: grape, orange, berry, etc. The new flavors names include: concord grape, key lime, blue plum, valencia organge, and so on.

So whether you like the new or old design better, Bot Beverage made a great move. They recognized who was embracing their product and changed their packaging to appeal to a broader audience within their new target market.




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