clamshell packagingBy choosing custom clam shell packaging solutions, suppliers and retailers alike protect their products and themselves with a unique, high quality packaging solution. One of the most popular plastic packaging products seen in retail stores today, thermoformed clam shells definitely have their work cut out for them this weekend for Black Friday shopping. Clam shells and other thermoformed products are easily customizable- new tooling can be a daunting expense, however it will pay off and be extremely economical for large runs and multiple orders. Plastic clamshells are not only secure, but they are required to be visibly appealing. Using graphic design and a reliable printer, clear clam shells come to live when using a custom printed insert. Walk down the cosmetic or electronic aisles of any department, and you will see products in the same shape and size clam shell with different printed inserts. Distinguish your product packaging by making the shape unique to the product. Showcase details and other features with this reliable and economic packaging solution.  

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