plastics industry leadersIn major meeting of plastics recyclers in New Orleans, the message was delivered that recyclers can be playing a bigger role in letting the skeptical public know about the many advantages of plastics for the environment. Speakers at the meeting included Bill Carteaux, president and CEO of the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. and Steve Russell, head of the American Chemistry Council’s plastics division. Some major key points of the meeting were:

-Carteaux urged recyclers to join SPI’s Operation Clean Sweep

– Russell mentioned efforts of the ACC supporting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to ban polystyrene food-service packaging.

– The positive impact that shale gas is having on the U.S. economy, specifically the plastics industry

Both of these industry leaders spoke about the critical role that plastics recyclers can play to help set the record straight about the benefits of plastics, and the advantages they bring for eco-friendly products supporters. Recyclers have a lot of credibility and their voice of support can improve the status of the plastics industry and production.


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