Custom Packaging for Luxury Real Estate

The real estate market is one of the most subjective markets out there. From trends in color and design affecting if a home feels *dated* to the literal supply and demand of housing, a realtor needs to have capital-h Hustle if they want to make a name for themselves. And that goes double for the luxury real estate market. There are plenty of tools out there, from social media to branded boxes, that can assist realtors in this end goal. But it takes practice and in-depth understanding to wield them well. 

Short supply and high demand are a recipe for a crazy housing market. Particularly as more and millennials start to dip their toes into homeownership. It can be daunting for mortgage brokers, home builders, and realtors to find ways to make an impact on this tech-savvy, immediate-results generation of homebuyers. Utilizing tools, like social channels featuring high-end packaging, is one way to reach people.

Luxury Packaging for Coldwell Banker Realty

In this Uber & DIY-focused economy, brand loyalty and expertise counts for less than it did in the past. For a business like realty, which are hugely relationship-based, this means that their basic marketing model needs to change. Referrals are still a big way to gain business, but reaching out on various mediums is another way to gain interest. It’s the online shopping effect. We see something we like, we tap on it and can buy it.

Marketing solutions for real estate services

Boxes for Real Estate Marketing

For many marketing strategies, it starts at one point: to whom are you marketing? Unfortunately, when it comes to real estate marketing for brokers, the answer isn’t quite that easy. 

As a business that has to appeal to both buyers and sellers, brokerages have create either separate strategies or find ways that can appeal to both markets. One tactic is content marketing. With the vast majority of both buyers and sellers starting their search on the web, it’s important that your business appears near the top of their search. While pay-per-click is a good option (if you have deep pockets), content marketing takes a more creative approach. 

Essentially, content marketing involves producing content that your users want to consume and that search engines can crawl. Writing articles or blogs focusing on the real estate market, neighborhood trends, and other keywords for which you want to rank is a great way to start. Leverage your content by posting on social channels or emailing newsletters to interested parties. There are a ton of different possibilities – check out some options at Forbes. 

But there’s still a tangible piece missing from this equation. While you can easily attract attention online, or through a yard sign, or whatever methods you choose to employ, customers are making a big investment in you. Whether they’re buying or selling, use this old-school real estate marketing tactic to let them know that you appreciate their business. 


Coming up clever closing gifts is almost like a game now for real estate marketing. Whether you’re gifting game consoles, subscription boxes, smart home devices, etc., make sure that it’s branded.  Closing gifts are an opportunity, not a goodbye. Clients can refer you to family and acquaintances as well as leave positive reviews online.

Using a branded option, like the magnetic box to the side Sunrise Packaging created for a client, ensures that the client will remember your services and your company. Using high quality materials, it becomes a keepsake.  Something they’re sure to hold onto, that won’t just get tossed in the trash like wrapping paper or a card. 

Closing Gifts are Forever

(Okay, maybe they’re just until the next move).

But when it comes to real estate marketing for brokers, finding a way to say ‘thanks’ for business could lead to a lot of referrals. It might not pop up as a marketing strategy at first blush, but creating a nice quality customized box that is branded is a sure way to ensure that your company’s name stays in their thoughts after the final goodbye.

Talk to Sunrise today about how to craft a custom package for your real estate marketing needs. We can create pockets for business cards, thermoformed liners for fragile items, and more!