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The FlashPad™

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Custom Binders

Custom USB & Packaging

Custom USB & Packaging

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Name Badges and Tags

Custom Boxes

Sunrise Packaging creates custom boxes at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we offer custom packaging turnkey solutions in house that are going to be your best bet and will add tremendous value to your next project. High-quality creative custom boxes in any style for any industry, we will create a look that’s right for you. We will work diligently with you on your project from concept to completion to give your products the competitive edge.

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The FlashPad™

Sunrise Packaging’s prestigious FlashPad™ is a custom promotional packaging solution utilizing silk feel lamination and die cut foam inserts to stylishly display your marketing and branding message. The FlashPad™ offers a wide-ranging variety of uses and adds tremendous value to your next marketing campaign and gives your products shelf presence.

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The FlashPad™
Custom Tray set

Custom Thermoforming

Sunrise Packaging designs all types of plastic packaging and thermoformed packaging at our state-of-the-art facility. We also offer plastic forming services and can ensure exceptional quality packaging for your products. We offer in-house tooling capabilities to complement our custom thermoforming expertise. At our modern manufacturing facilities, we can bring your product to life in 8 weeks or less, and improve your bottom line with less initial investment and a superior commitment to your needs.

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Custom Binders

Sunrise Packaging creates custom binders than will represent your organization with the best of the best. As a custom manufacturer of high end marketing and retail packaging solutions, we can take your binder concept and make it a reality. We can create custom binders to fit every budget and project from concept to completion to give your products the competitive edge.

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Custom USB Packaging & Drives

An upscale custom USB packaging solution that gets your message out! Sunrise Packaging USB Flash Drives are an unmatched marketing or promotional tool, Our USB Flash drives represent your brand, company, marketing or logo and contain a clear and concise message. Ensure exceptional quality packaging for your products many advantages including better inventory control, better quality, and better pricing.

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Custom Name Badges, Travel ID & Tags

Custom name badges and tags are your stylish identification solution. Make your name, or your business’ name, pop at any trade show or convention. Or give your employees some flare with these miniature billboards. A great way to find your bag faster at the airport. High-quality printing and lamination make for a sharper image with a personal touch. Laminated and durable with options like magnetic backing and custom designs available.

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Custom Game Boards

From the game board itself to all the packaging needed to get it to retail, Sunrise Packaging can make your custom tabletop game a reality all in one convenient, easy-to-use stop.

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