Are you looking for a distinctive, space-saving way to package your discs? Maybe you are looking to package a sample disc of a catalog, event, or information about your company? Jewel cases are just one of the available options.

Alternatives to traditional CD casescustom paperboard cd wallet mailers are paperboard wallets. These are also known as CD mailers. These cases can have personalized designs printed on them to give a unique image that your customers will not forget.

Many companies use these CD mailers to send out CD-ROMS or DVDs to their potential customers. They may include a video about their company or what they have to offer. Some are used for catalogs or operation instructions. They could even be party or wedding favors. The possibilities are endless.

These cases are lightweight, which makes it more affordable to ship. While being thin in size, these paperboard wallets are still durable enough to protect a disc from being broken or scratched.

If you want a new way to reach out to your customers, try sending out or handing out discs in digitally printed paperboard wallets. People are much less likely to throw out something of substance that they receive with eye-appealing graphics. If they like it, they may even pass it along to their friends. If you would like more information on customizing your own CD mailer, contact one of our Design Experts.

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