It can be a great expense for libraries to be able to offer a wide range of CDs and DVDs in their media collections. This is especially true when theft and damage are taken into consideration. Libraries want to be able to provide these resources to the public, but cannot afford to keep replacing the stolenstock premium black dvd cases or damaged discs. Can anything be done to prevent these problems? We had a few ideas that could reduce these losses:

First, invest in premium quality CD/DVD cases. These cases are durable, and not only will the cases last longer, but they will also protect your discs. Strong hubs prevent the discs from falling out, and the quick-release button allows for easy removal without breaking the disc. Media collections get an extensive amount of use and that requires packaging that will last.

Premium quality cases can help prevent damage, but how can libraries prevent theft? electromagnetic security cd dvd tape There needs to be a higher amount of security. A number of different companies offer electromagnetic security tape. If this is placed on more costly items, theft can be reduced. 3M also offers a product called radio frequency identification (RFID) solution. This software verifies that the discs and cases match up when returned to libraries. This will make managing the growing media collections more efficient. Libraries will not have to worry about getting the wrong disc or receiving an empty case.

By investing in premium quality CD/DVD cases and security, damage and theft to libraries’ media collections can be significantly reduced. Then libraries could add more options to their selection, rather than having to replace the old ones.

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