I’m sure we have all heard of the famous jewel case, but have you ever heard of a digipak? A digipak is an innovative and patented style of CD or DVD packaging that is similar to the standard jewel case, but typically consists of a gatefold paperboard or card stock outer binding instead of plastic. It also features one or more plastic trays that are attached to the inside. The main benefit of a digipak is that it is shatter proof and allows for greater graphic display. Digipak CD packaging can also be configured to fit specific needs. It can be designed to hold anything from discs to literature and artwork. The way the digipak folds can also be specifically designed as well. From a simple book-like fold to multiple folds, the possibilities using digipak packaging are endless.

Digipaks also allow creative flexibility. Traditional jewel cases only allow artwork to be inserted in the back and front covers, with a place to insert a small booklet on the inside. Digipaks have the benefit of being able to emboss letters and images, which is a technique that creates an impression on materials, giving packaging a unique look and texture.  Bright colors and elaborate graphics are able to be used as well as incorporating literature and booklets if needed. The trays that are used in digipaks are versatile in that they can be configured in multiple ways. They can come in different colors and are impact resistant and eliminate the risk of breakage.

Digipak packaging also enhances promotions and marketing. They are an inventive and creative way to promote a product, service, or company. Digipaks can be easily distributed and are an attractive way to get a message out to attract customers and clients. They also provide a more eco-friendly option than traditional jewel cases because less plastic is used. Digipaks offer many benefits for disc packaging and are used by many companies.

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