It is so imaginative when packaging features a practical purpose beyond protecting and identifying the product itself. Take this cologne bottle developed by Lebedev Studio. Strangely enough, the scent is designed for a carpenters and labor workers alike. The Levelus eau de toilette is a blend of calabriane bergamot, rosemary, and clementine oil, which go along with wood notes of birch, cedar (this is a nod to the profession, indeed) and sweet iris root and cardamom.

Going beyond the fragrance, the bottle actually works perfectly as a tool for indicating whether or not a surface is level. For frequent use, you can buy replacement perfume containers that slide back into the frame of the design.

Packaging is important. It serves as protection to a product as well as a tool to inform a consumer as to what’s inside. Some consumers consider packaging to be a waste of resources and materials. The challenge today for a packaging companies and designers is to be innovative and create custom packaging that is not perceived as wasteful. Most of the time that means sustainable or eco-friendly packaging. But in cases like this Levelus spirit level perfume bottle, adding packaging practicality so it can function as something beyond its primary purpose is innovative and looked at as resourceful.   

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