As America’s favorite snack nut brand, Planters has kept sustainability as a core part of its business for some years now. Realizing that it could be doing more to reduce its impact on the environment, Planters called for a packaging change. The brand reached out to Sonoco, a Hartsville, S.C., packaging and sustainability company. The business is one of the largest diversified global packaging companies. The big change that Planters wanted to bring to its packaging was switching from glass packaging to a new plastic packaging that better aligned with the companies sustainability practices.

The weight of the glass packaging materials for Planters 16oz. and 20oz presented a challenge to Sonoco. The company was challenged to develop a lighter package that did not compromise Planters’ targets for a product with quality, capacity, clarity and shelf life.

As a result, Sonoco created a light-weight, durable plastic option that weighed 84 percent less than its glass counterpart. With the lighter packaging comes benefits; the number of trucks that were required to transport Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts went down 25 perfect and Planters new plastic packaging is now 100 percent recyclable and BPA free.

Planters and Sonoco share a commitment to sustainability and have a longstanding relationship that includes collaboration on many new products. For this “Naturally Remarkable” initiative, Sonoco had the capital and expertise needed to produce a sustainable container that met the company’s product protection and shelf life requirements.

“Sustainability is inherent to our brand’s identity, and Sonoco was the right company to help us lessen our environmental impact with our new dry roasted peanut packaging,” said Scott Marcus, senior brand manager of Planters.

Source: Packaging Digest, Planters

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