retail packaging solutionsAs a custom plastic packaging manufacturer, we realize and understand that each packaging solution needs to be tailor made to hold what item it is for with a secure, unique fit. Even those of you inexperienced in the packaging industry, this is a no-brainer. What many retail suppliers may overlook is the fact that the packaging solution also needs to adapt to its environment. Small stores as opposed to big box stores, for example, have limited shelf and hanger space. They are less than likely to have enough room for oversized clamshell packaging or large point of purchase display setups. By changing to a more appropriate size and  packaging solution such as a condensed blister pack or tight fitting clamshell, the store is able to stock more of your securely packaged product and there is less worry of limited or non-existent inventory. By planning ahead your thermoformed packaging proportions to the product, the shelf space available to you, and inventory projections you can save time, material, and capital.

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