Always the Perfect Fit

A cross between a fine hardcover book and a gift box, our fully customized pads are the stylish alternative to boring pamphlets. Utilizing die cut foam inserts for preciseCustom Pads, branding, business, creative, custom, custom usb drives, drives, flash drive, flash drives, Flash Pad, packaging, promotional, Technology, unique, USB, USB case, USB Drives, webkey packaging, luxury packaging, giftpadstorageand clean presentation, these booklike boxes provide durable promotional packaging. Furthermore, its sleek, refined cover is truly graphics-friendly, featuring ample visual real estate. With the ability to sport stunning digitally-printed graphics, custom pads lend themselves beautifully to distinctive artwork and logos, giving your brand a truly standout presentation.

Our Personalized Pads Get Opened

Can You Say the Same for a Pamphlet? Or an Email? Our custom pads use heavier chipboard instead of paperboard to offer a valuable heft and soft-touch feel. Internally, the contents of your pad packaging are held in place securely by tailor-fit foam cavities. For an upscale marketing promotion, branded with your logo and message, choose the package that simply begs to be opened.

Hyundai-Kia Custom Pads


  • Loyalty Cards

  • Medical Devices

  • Souvenirs

  • Gift Cards

  • Power Banks

  • Security Keys



  • Wedding Mementos

  • Flash Drives

  • Tools and Cutlery

  • Laminated Business Cards

  • Mobile Devices

F2 Intelligence Group Custom Pad

Technor Pad with custom Foam

Fowler Custom Pad with custom foam



Ideal Packaging solution

Our customized foam inserts are an ideal packaging solution that keeps products and contents in place with an appealing and secure display. Choose from many different color foam options. You may use digitally print with silk feel, matte or gloss lamination. Our custom pads add shelf presence to the contents of your packaging and tremendously extend your brand. Our Customized Pads are the perfect packaging solution for presentation packaging, event promotions and marketing campaigns.


Easy Mailing Campaign

Our Custom Pads have been so popular that we felt like we needed to create a sleeve to help protect them and make it easier for mailing campaigns and transporting them to different venues (and to keep them warm – hey we’re from Minnesota!). Sunrise’s Custom Pads are one of our most admired promotional packaging products because they are easy to use and easy to customize. The silk feel lamination and die cut foam inserts stylishly display your marketing and branding message. They offer a wide-ranging variety of uses and give your products remarkable promotional presence! Put a label on the sleeve and mail it!.


Add value to your Brand

Sunrise Packaging’s Custom Pads are a stunning packaging solution and are an impressive option that features turned edge technology that delivers value to your product and brand. Our custom pads have had a profound influence and been very successful for spreading many forward-thinking company’s brand message. The custom pads case are turned edge with your art and custom features applied the outer wrap. This small yet effective packaging solution provides you the opportunity to extend your brand image and business information in an interesting hand out. At Sunrise, we like to use these at exhibitions to hand out our information as well as a sample of our work. This product is extremely popular with marketing, medical, cosmetics, electronic, sports and software companies.