simple designThe well-known acronym “KISS”- “keep it simple, stupid” became popular back in the 1960’s. The phrase started showing up on bumper stickers, billboards, and t-shirts. The definition stemmed from the belief that most systems work best if they are kept simple and not made complex. The idea from this popular catch phrase has shaped much of our historic treasures, and even now affects software designers and more. Consumers share in this belief, and manufacturers are catching on- especially with packaging. Everyone wants their lives to be simple- even though most Americans have a hectic and complicated schedule. Brands are most successful when they portray simplistic ideals on their packaging, therefore sharing an emotional connection with the consumer and gaining brand loyalty. Here is how they’re doing it: they use the word simple- what better way to get the message across? They are also making it easy for consumers to understand their product and what it contains by listing all ingredients or parts. Brands keep it simple by finding a way to show their product- it could be a picture, it could be a window, either way the consumer can see exactly what they are going to buy. To keep packaging simple, designers are using white space to their advantage. Nothing says simple like keeping it clean and neat!

Blog Source: PackWorld