BRANDPACKAGING’S Packaging That Sells conference is being held on October 1-3, 2012, in Chicago. This is their 10th annual event with the leading message being: Make it Matter.

The Packaging That Sells conference provides its participants with a wide array of opportunities. First is the opportunity to attend stimulating sessions from top brand innovators. By attending these it allows new ideas and resources that can be implemented into business practices. With over 10+ hours of networking, important business relationships are easy to establish. Participants will also be surrounded by the previous years most intriguing global packaging. There are also contests that allow participants to unleash their creative skills and win cool prizes, such as vacation packages.

What is really cool about this conference is it allows business participants to branch out and stay up to date on trends. It gives them the opportunity to learn with a fun, interactive conference, with some of the top brand innovators as their mentors. The conference is growing each year because business individuals are realizing the benefits they receive while learning in a fun, active way.

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