Marketers have been relying on the marketing mix, often referred to as the four P’s of marketing – price, promotion, place and product – to successfully sell a product or service utilizing the wants and needs of consumers. These are the four controllable factors that a marketing department can manipulate to create the perfect marketing plan.

Where does packaging fit in? Often, packaging fits into the mix under the “product” factor. Customers buy your product, and they buy your packaging as a consequence. If you choose the most functional, efficient packaging to compliment your package, you have fulfilled your needs for packaging under this marketing category

What if you look at packaging as part of the “promotional” segment of the marketing mix? In many ways, your packaging is promotional. It is often the first thing that consumers see, and thus, the first thing to acquaint them with your product. Packaging generally includes advertising or marketing copy and sometimes the packaging can affect the media coverage that your packaging can receive.

The following are examples of packages that have created a positive buzz for their products, brands and companies:

Humorous use of images can create a positive buzz. creative coffee cup packaging

Humorous use of images can create a positive buzz. Using fonts and printing can amuse and inspire.

The next example is of packaging that has received negative attention and has attracted a negative buzz toward the product itself:

Packaging must elicit a positive response in the consumer. ice breakers

Packaging must elicit a positive response in the consumer.Too much packaging appears wasteful and will have a negative impact.

Consumers appreciate creativity and are turned off by wasteful packaging. The packaging that you choose to represent your company and products is an important part of effective marketing. In looking at packaging in terms of the marketing mix, it has significant impact on marketing efforts directed at the “product” and “promotion” segments of your marketing program.