When making my grocery list each week, most items on the list were also on the list the weeks prior. For some reason these items were the ones I chose to buy each week. After observing the packaging of my “frequent” purchases, packaging is something that affects my purchasing decisions. One example is orange juice. Orange juice is something that I drink with my breakfast, which is typically brought with me to eat in the car, so I buy individual containers that have straws on each pack. Cheese is also something I buy depending on packaging. I do not eat much cheese, so separately packaged cheese slices is a must.

Observing each package of the items I purchase at the grocery store I noticed there is a trend in my decisions. Packaging innovations can influence your purchasing decisions based on your consumer needs. If a company comes out with a new way of packaging a certain product that ultimately makes the lives of consumers easier there is a good chance the consumer can be won over. Packaging matters.

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